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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Silent One
    ooh no, we ain't that far advanced. and not with either of my wonder pilot metal falcon pens in any case. i'd have to start out cheap! [​IMG]
  2. EmptyTalk
    iamdacow, do you also post on the Fountain Pen Network website? I am not a member there, but I like to read the posts, and your pictures look familiar. I just got into fountain pens recently, and am trying to quit buying them. I have a Lamy Vista (just replaced the EF nib with a Fine nib, and like it better that way), a Pelikan M205 with EF nib, and a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with Fine nib. The Pilot is my favorite so far. I want to try a Sailor Professional Gear and maybe a Platinum 3776 Century, but don't really have the funds and don't really NEED another pen at the moment.
    Those Nakaya pens look awesome. But, much too expensive for me!
  3. iamdacow
    nope I am not a member of the fountain pen network, that's for the hardcore of the hardcore, they describe a fountain like we describe audio. :D
  4. AppleheadMay
    Yep, noticed that too. That's why Iimited myself to 4 nice pens and a ballpoint along with a river of ink when I joined that site. [​IMG] Gotta draw the line somewhere.
    Some pretty helpful people there though, nice forum as well. I'm don't visit it that often but there are fine samples of ink to look at there to make a choice.
  5. Silent One
    I have not yet joined the Fountain Pen Network. But, I did start reading it a few times a month, beginning last year. As a long time lover/user of Rhodia Notepads, I was surprised to discover "Rhodia Street" late last year. It took visiting the FPN to trip over it! [​IMG] Ah, the joys of links and breadcrumbs...
  6. AppleheadMay
    Carefull, though they don't explicitly state it, their motto is the same as on HF ... sorry for your wallet. [​IMG]
    As I said, I decided on 4 pens and a ballpoint, exactly what fits the pen case I bought. I know what pens I want and I'm keeping to it. Got enough bleeding expensive hobbys already. A river of ink won't hurt me though whioch is why I keep visiting them, they got a wealth of info and previews on ink.
    Links and breadcrumbs ... hush, they're the most dangerous. :wink:
  7. Silent One
    For years, I was fine not owning any personal luxury pens. The brokerage firms I worked for always had executives who let me use stuff - their pens, offices, conference rooms and such. I started out working evenings while paying my way through college and their support really helped out. Some fine stuff those cats had! 
    Nearly all of the pens in their offices had to be gifts - they're always getting things. They rarely used their fountain pens though. And once they found out I wrote personal letters by hand, they'd encourage me - "Here, use this or try this..." It was as if they were living their dream of writing through me. I didn't mind...[​IMG]
    But now, FPN & Rhodia Street is threatening the empty tea tins marked "Audio" to save up cash.
  8. AppleheadMay
    @Not_so_Silent_ One:
    I'd love to answer this but I won't since I've had a few beers which only happens twice or thrice in a year.
    Suffice to say: consider yourself way more interesting than those **** a few adjectives here **** people.
    Kudos to them for helping you pay through college though, at least they did something right. :wink:
  9. Silent One
    [​IMG] What an indictment! All things considered, even Wall Streeters got bills and gotta get paid. [​IMG] I may want to edit that statement tomorrow...
  10. nikp
    Oh my! Those White Forest green inks are awesome (Wanna trade? Haha! [​IMG])! By the way, Einstein ink is charcoal grey and there are three or more new inks coming up in 2013.
    Source: I am a seller myself(although not an authorised seller, Montblanc is cutting down selling licenses)
  11. AppleheadMay
    Thanks for the info!
    Please keep us up to date here, I'm always very interested in any new MB inks.
    I don't buy them all though, only the ones I really like. The two greens I have for example are very different in color and both are darker shades unlike racing green which i find too light and flashy for a green.
    I usually hate red ink but the Hitchcock one is really great. A true blood red color when wet and gets brownish red just like dried blood when dry. They made that one really well.
    Too bad you live so far or I could buy them from you
  12. Silent One
    Lady Murasaki --
    I really love my Pilot Iroshizuku - Murasaki-Shikibu (Purple) ink! 
  13. AppleheadMay
    Pretty bottle!
  14. nikp
  15. Silent One
    The bottle reminds me of perfume. You should see this colour ink against crisp white paper! The ink is a combo of Purple with a touch of Blue. So, those who like Purple, it'll turn their heads. Those who like Blue, it'll turn their heads, too! [​IMG]
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