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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. JK1
    I am hesitant to buy it. I want to try it first. I can't use gel or rollerball pens. I need something with very fast drying ink. So far I am very impressed with how the Lamy M16 ballpoint refill, and the metal Papermate Lubriglide refills write. Imo the Pelikan 337 is probably the best Parker compatible ballpoint refill I have used so far.
  2. Audio-Omega
    My only dislike about it at present is its removable cap.  Parker should release a twist action one.
  3. nikp
    I am not sure of a "Lubriglide" but I do have a Papermate kilometric which I consider very very good. Quinkflow dries very fast like any oil based water resistant ballpoint, it's not like a rollerball but is quite smooth.
  4. JK1
    Sounds good. I guess I need to try it to see if it is better than the Pelikan 337.
  5. AppleheadMay
    I just ordere the MB Albert Einstein and Diamond Blue inks. Should have them in a few days.
    Normally not interested in blue but this seems a nice color somewhere inbetween Royal Blue and Turqoise with a little bit of green in it.
    There was also a new red one but for red I'm sticking to the great Hithcock ink.
    I wonder what the 4th new color will be.
  6. JK1
    i am wondering why blue and black were chosen as standard ink colors. I guess I could understand black, as it gives maximum contrast on white paper. What about blue though? While I like the color blue in general, it seems like I would prefer writing in green rather than blue. Green ballpoint pen refills aren't very common.
    When will they develop a high tech pen that can write in any shade of color? I am thinking of something that has access to a few colors of ink similar in concept to a color inkjet printer, then combines them in different proportions to get any shade of color desired.
  7. FieldZ
    Can't be more pleased with my first fountain pen.
  8. nikp
    Top to bottom: Einstein, Winterglow
    I've got all special edition inks from Montblanc 2011-onwards but almost all of them sit in a box. But if anyone got some interest in some other inks Montblanc or not I could get you a writing sample when possible.
  9. AppleheadMay
    Nice thing about those Lamys is you can order a bunch of nibs (various width in straight and calligraphy shapes) and just switch them on your pen to see what you like before you order a more expensive pen with a fixed nib. I've got a Safari with a full set of nibs I don't use anymore if anyone is interested.
  10. FieldZ

    It is great. I am loving the fine right now. I plan to purchase a calligraphy nib, my mother loves calligraphy.
  11. AppleheadMay
    Love the Montblanc Diamond Blue so much I'll be selling my stash of Ink of Frienship and Royal Blue.
    Don't like the Albert Einstein even though it looks much better than Oyster Grey. It's like a mix of pencil color and silver. I'm just not a fan of Grey. And I bought three bottles ... [​IMG]
    For those interested in Europe, PM me.
  12. AppleheadMay
    I sampled all my MB inks just to see which I would keep or not and made a scan of it. This was in no way ment to be an ink test of any kind and don't mind my handwriting, I wasn't planning on posting this. I just wanted to show the different colors, might help someone to choose. I'll be selling five of these colors off.
  13. attika89
    I did get a MB Blue Black with my used 146, but I haven't opened it yet...
    It might be a few years old, but the bottle is sealed under the cap...
  14. AppleheadMay
    The ink stays fine even if opened.
    If you don't want it I'd be intersted, it's the ink I use on a daily basis.
  15. attika89
    Oh I will use it, I just have a few other inks in use right now.
    I would even keep it only for the bottle though [​IMG]
    I'm eyeing with Akkerman inks as well, basically for the bottle..pretty hard to get them here tough...
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