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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. AppleheadMay
    Haven't even tried my Lavender Purple yet. Will do so the next time I have an empty pen.
    I almost forgot I have a Lamy pen (or rather set) as well, my carry-around-out-of-the-house writing gear.
  2. ricksome Contributor
      The Red Cross (not the people that show  up at blood drives) is a twist mechanism in typical Cross fashion.
    The Green Cross you pull to open and push to close.
    Lot of nice fountain pens have been shown.
  3. FieldZ
    Getting my first fountain pen, a Lamy Al Star. Very excited.
  4. Silent One
    Congrats, FieldZ, your addiction is now underway...[​IMG]
  5. JK1
    Which are the best refills for Parker ballpoint pens? There are  many choices besides Parker, such as Pelikan, Caran D'Or, Rotring, Schmidt, and probably many other brands I haven't yet seen. I guess each of these brands offers a few choices. I am looking for traditional ballpoint, not gel or rollerball. How do the new Parker Quink refills compare?
  6. nikp
     The new ones are pretty good actually, they're called Quinkflow. Way different than the previous versions. Fisher Space Pen pressurised refills sometimes have an adapter on them to suit Parker ballpoints too if you want to write underwrite, on oil, in zero gravity etc.
  7. ZetsuBozu0012
    I know that this is probably somewhere in this huge thread, but what's everyone's take on the Lamy 2000? I'll be getting one soon, and want to know what I'all be getting myself into beforehand.

  8. AKG240mkII
    My Better Half makes a living selling these things .. I STILL can't believe my luck !
    Anyway, here's a bit of our mutual pen-collection ..
  9. Silent One
    I think I'll pass out now...[​IMG] great display!
  10. JK1
    I saw something about a Parker Lubriglide refill being in the new Parker Jotter Premium. I couldn't find Parker Lubriglide refills sold separately. If the Parker Lubriglide refill writes like the Papermate Lubriglide refill for the old Papermate Profile it would be great. Papermate is part of Newell, which also owns Parker, Waterman, Rotring, and Sanford.
    How does the Parker Lubriglide refill compare to the Quinkflow one? Does the Quinkflow ink dry very fast, or is it more like a rollerball or gel ink that is slower drying?
  11. AKG240mkII
    Have you tried out this 'new' Parker-thingy ?
    Gotta say : I really liked it !
  12. PintoDave
    Everyone at work wants to use my pen, so I got a shock pen that I leave around the store.
  13. JK1
    When I was a student I used to keep  high quality ballpoint pens in my shirt pocket. So many people asked to borrow them. After a while, I started buying 10 cent pens by the dozens, and keeping many in my briefcase. When someone asked to borrow my pen, I took out a 10 cent pen from my briefcase, and told them they could keep it. I got so many strange looks from doing this.
  14. Maverickmonk

    My friend at school has one, and it's a little dependent on writing angle, but it writes like butter and to me feels great in the hand. I prefer the fine tip, as like all lamy pens it writes a little wide, but not as wide as the cheaper models
  15. Audio-Omega
    Parker 5th Technology looks interesting.  I'm tempted to buy one.  [​IMG]
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