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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. EmptyTalk
    I like the carbon fiber one, and was thinking of getting a black one until I saw the price. Yikes.
  2. AppleheadMay
    Never saw this thread before.
    I have a Montblanc mid-sized black resin and gold with green gem Boheme BB with converter and a Starwalker rubber and metal BB with converter.
    Planning to get 2 more pens: a 149 BB or O3B and a Pelikan M1000 BBB.
    Quite a few nice inks here, all MB: Mystery Black, Midnight Blue, Blue-Black, Royal Blue, Lavender Purple, Toffee Brown, Sepia, Mahatma Gandhi, Alfred Hitchcock, Ink of Friendship, White Forest and Jonathan Swift.
    Anyone heard anything of the two new inks to come out soon? One would be a silver tint, not sure what the other was.
    Pens, ink and stash ...
    (not the greatest pics, I know)
  3. Silent One
    AppleheadMay, that's simply a beautiful presentation!
    P.S...thanks, EmptyTalk. Caught posting again in the wee hours of the morning. [​IMG]
  4. EmptyTalk
    ^ I wish that was my collection. Those beauties belong to AppleheadMay.
  5. iamdacow
    A week ago, i had the joy of bringing my nakaya pen to the nibmaster of nakaya himself Mr Shinichi Yoshida where he customized my pen nib for me. Damn does it write oh so well, better than my Sailor.
    One of the few time of my life that i was so excited :D
  6. Silent One
    Your post made my day, iamdacow. I live for moments like the one you shared.
  7. pdaigle

    You can find some fair prices if you shop around a little, they also show up on Ebay from time to time. You can also find them second-hand on pen geek forums.
  8. iamdacow
    Thank you so much kind sir, :D
  9. AppleheadMay
    Thanks Silent One, work in progress though. Two more pens, and checking out the MB inks as they come available.
    The rightmost one is a ballpoint though, also broad tip, I'm a big fan of broad writing. Oblique didn't suit me well though, I had an OBB on the Starwalker at first. I would like to try a 149 O3B just to make sure though. Good thing about MB is that you have 6 weeks to decide on a nib-change after purchase or nib-change.
  10. dallan Contributor
    I have an Nakaya Urushi and a Sailor Professional.  Love they way they both write, very different though.  The Nakaya seems more delicate and the Sailor more smooth i think.  I had a Sailor mini i used to carry around, thus it disappeared.[​IMG] 
    Otherwise just a Lamy Studio that is pretty stiff feeling and a Jetpens ballpoint.
  11. Silent One
    You know, with the holidays here and pens making very fine gifts, this thread should explode in January! 
  12. AppleheadMay
    I know, was going to ask my wife for a pen for Christmas but I have a new bike coming in ... [​IMG]
  13. Silent One
    You'd be a winner in either case! Congrats! 
  14. Silent One
    FYI --
    I've been working on a couple of prototype fountain pen holders for my desk. Almost have the first one completed and hope to post pix soon. And start work on the second one and post pix of it at month end. The interruptions experienced with the project have largely been about money...the lack thereof, actually. 
  15. iamdacow
    Have any of you guy attempted to grind your own nibs, heard some people do that.
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