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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Silent One
    Nice example, thanks for sharing. It's always nice to how others write. Not sure if you saw the link in my post six days ago, it could be helpful...
  2. ZetsuBozu0012
    What are your thoughts on Jinhao fountain pens? Being a resident of the Philippines, getting an Asian pen from a relatively obscure manufacturer would only be slightly more of a hassle than purchasing one of the better-known Western brands (e.g. Sheaffer, Parker, Waterman, Pelikan, etc.). Also, given the reputedly good build quality and affordable price of Jinhao's pens, I thought to give them a try. 
    In particular, the Dragon Protects Precious Stone pen intrigued me. And yes, I know that it's quite a mouthful of a moniker. Lovely pen, though (Google it if you must :D).
  3. Silent One
    I just read a review on the Fountain Pen Network. Having brought this pen to our attention, I may give it a shot. Even clip-less @ 48 grams! And though I have a very light touch (stroke), I am not bothered by heavy pens. It also seems reasonably priced.
  4. pdaigle
    I quite like my red one, Kaweco recently released a Champagne colored AC Sport and a matte blue AL Sport that also look great. I am a big fan of the ACs and ALs.
  5. MuZI

    I'm going to pick one up later this week. I might also get a Hero 616... check those out.
  6. ZetsuBozu0012
    They look pretty good, actually. The thing is, I'm looking for something more along the lines of Jinhao's Dragon Protects Precious Stone, or their Double Dragon Playing; I've a strange desire for something ostentatious and attention-grabbing. Also, after getting used to heavier fountain pens (my first ever fountain pen was a Sheaffer Prelude), I'm looking for something with a pretty nice weight to it as well.
    Besides, I'm a sucker for things that look antique, but aren't, really. The black Jinhao fountain pens remind me of weathered stone, which I find really attractive. 
  7. nikp
    Keep us updated. Do you have a P51?
  8. MuZI
    I don't but it's on my wishlist right now.
    I'm holding off on pen purchases for now. I checked my spreadsheet I keep for hobbies and I've spent $3k in the past 3 months on pens. That's not including inks and accessories soo... any pen I buy now will have to wait until I get a really great deal or cashback from CC.
    I'm really loving my Bexley Americana so far.
  9. Silent One
    Hobbies can be $neaky... [​IMG]
  10. Silent One
  11. PintoDave
    I use a modified Zebra F-701 at work, I actually put together a couple of them. Zebra F-701 body and tip with the F-402 stainless clicker to replace the plastic one that comes with the 701. I use Fisher Space Pen refills in it as well, so that I can write over the grease on food safety documents and record inventory in the -6 degree walk-in freezer at work. I like the weight to it and durability as it gets dropped a lot. When it falls out of my pocket at the drive-thru window, it survives being run over by cars to! :)
    When I'm at home (where I write the least), I like the Bic Round-Stic. Cheap and reliable. The kids have a habbit of walking off with all of the pens, so cheap is good! lol
  12. pdaigle
    Cool titanium, bolt action pen/stylus project on Kickstarter:

  13. Maverickmonk
    That thing looks impressive, more like a self defense weapon than a pen! Hell, I'd use it as both!!!
    I however cannot seem to find my Lamy. I'm really quite upset about this. If I can't find it soon I'll have to get another pen, which I know that I want...but I know I shouldn't [​IMG]
  14. pdaigle
    Latest addition to my Kaweco family: matte blue AL Sport.
  15. Silent One
    A lovely spread. [​IMG]
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