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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Silent One
    Based on the angles and pressure at which I write and print (two different ways each=4), I'm finding Pilot's Soft Fine to be on the money. This is how it should be since...[​IMG]they got money money! How I was able to make back to back non-audio purchases is way beyond me. It wasn't easy, but I believe the wonderful membership present may have helped.
  2. Silent One
    79ink --
    The reading room? Listening room?? Salon??? None of them! None will have the 24 carat gold ink inside my home. That said, I'm still curious...anyone know how much this stuff cost?!
  3. Silent One
    The Black Pilot Metal Falcon arrived a day early! This model is fantastique! Temporarily using the standard Blue ink cartridge in this one - way too light for my taste. I've yet to write my first full letter by hand with either pen. But Thursday, I'm going to take the day off and hang out cafe side (will walk around and visit a few) and write a few letters...very excited.
  4. Audius
    So I've been thinking about this lately, and I was debating on getting either the Noodler Ahab OR a Lamy Safari. All that being said, this would be my first fountain pen, however I would intend it to be used for small notes, letters to friends and family, and some small essays. it has to be capable of small font, preferably a *bit* smaller than what is pictured, but honestly I would love the ability to go back and forth between font sizes. I understand the implications of a flex nib and fully accept the possibility of anything going wrong, tweaking, etc.  My MAIN concern is just getting one that would improve my handwriting or force me to take more time on it and accentuate my letters more and make them more pronounced. Pictured is a rolling Writer rollerball pen on fountain pen paper (believe it's called clairfontaine), image is enhanced, ball is .8mm. This type of pen is exceptionally smooth to write with, (it's almost like taking a finger and rubbing grease or shaving cream into glass) I just want to know if I would be making the right decision to get an Ahab over a Safari for the price point, if I won't go over $40 for pen+ink+shipping. What other options are out there that would have a flex tip, and also if I DO choose a safari or a different pen, what looks like a good nib size for me and my handwriting?
  5. John In Cali
    I would personally think you are better off getting a fine nibbed Safari and a broad nibbed Safari and switching between them as you please.
  6. Silent One
    I would add, if our fellow member wanted script finer than the example shown, Extra Fine nib with the Safari would be needed. My Safari with a Fine nib looks like medium script and I have a very light touch.
  7. Silent One
    Silent One's silent joy...[​IMG]
    Blue ink resides in the Black barrel, Purple inside the Sapphire barrel.
  8. Silent One
    The following link may be of help to you; others. The author also have some other insightful posts:
  9. MuZI
    Getting this on Saturday
    Not sure if I want to pick this one up yet
  10. Silent One
    We be excited for you! 
  11. MuZI
    The Bexley Americana came in and it's stunningly beautiful. Probably my best writer and one of my cheapest too...

    I got it at a discount due to a slight defect but it is one of the few pens I wouldn't mind paying full retail for.

    Missed out a beautiful Pelikan m805 though...
  12. Silent One
    May it bring you as much joy as a pot of gumbo! 
  13. pdaigle
    Amazing how many addictions we share...
    My current favorite is my Kaweco AC Sport (Limited Edition Red) fountain pen. Aluminium and carbon body:
    You can also see another favorite of mine in the background: Sharbo X 3-in-1.
  14. Audius
    I nabbed the grey fox color scheme and bought some noodler's black as well as the apache. The apache is more watery than the black, and simply doesn't flow as smoothly. (the apache flows and absorbs like watercolor, whereas the black actually acts like an ink) but the shading and color makes up for it.
    Also, I think my handwriting looks somewhat bad. It looks good, but nothing special imo. Can you guys read it alright?
  15. Silent One
    That AC Sport is s-o-o-o-o very sexy...
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