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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. MuZI
    My next pen... what do you guys think?
  2. Silent One
    Select one and I'll have a response...two are shown.
  3. Planar_head
    Technically three are shown, the second picture has a different accent color. /smartass

    For me, the Only Answer is the fountain pen.

    But they do look pretty good, to me anyway. Hard to go wrong with black and a red accent!
  4. dallan Contributor
    I like it.[​IMG]
  5. MuZI
    Sorry, I totally forgot this thread is for all pens in general.
    I meant the Fountain Pen in the Olive Green accent.
    I'm probably going to go with the steel nib... not entirely sure I want to get the 18k gold one for $80 more.
    Misses a Pilot Custom 823... still kicking myself over that...
  6. Silent One
    Okay Planar_head, sit down!
    If you must know, I wasn't being smart or flip...and don't appreciate being called names either. Where's your class?! If you're going to be using a fountain pen, then have some. Even if I chose not to use a "Popcorn" emoticon, you really should try giving your fellow members the benefit of the doubt. Unsure what was meant? Then ask.
    So, now that you figured out[​IMG] I wasn't referring to the bottom pix, hope you secure the fountain pen version. And be sure to tell us how it responds to your writing.
  7. Audius
    I love these, personally.
  8. Silent One
    At last! The Pilot Falcon 2 Metal Fountain pen; Soft Fine. And the Pilot Iroshizuki Fountain Pen Ink - Murasaki-Shikibu (The Japanese woman who wrote the extraordinary Tale of Genji a thousand years ago).
    It's almost 90 minutes past midnight - I took delivery some 12 hours ago. [​IMG] I have just two more tasks to complete for the day and then I'm free to fill it up with ink! A very busy day. Though, I can say it is striking in Sapphire and feels wonderful in the hand.
  9. MuZI
    I want to get some of the blue Asa-gao ink. It's the perfect blue...
  10. Silent One
    I'm glad you mentioned the blue Asa-gao! For business reasons, I'm now looking to get a quality blue ink. Nothing too warm - darker, more on the royal side most likely. Let's see what I find after dinner...
  11. Planar_head

    I meant not what you thought I had said.

    The only person being a smartass was me, not you, nor anyone else (on this page at least).
    Me pointing out there are three pens shown was me being a smartass.

    Frankly, I didn't know whether or not your reply was in jest or serious, which is why I chose to let this simmer for a bit.

    Here is what I meant by the /smartass: end me being a smartass.

    I'll leave the format of the internet out of a thread about fountain pens... :xf_eek:


    As for the Falcon, do post your impressions!
  12. Silent One
    Well, if you must know [​IMG]...
    ...I was being playful, though other factors on either end sometimes make this less than clear. We're fine, Planar_head. In fact, I'm so mellow, Jude should give me a drug test! Okay, maybe not. [​IMG] No worries, we don't do those kinds of things. Anyway, my initial reply was in passing - looking at two types of pens - fountain & ballpoint. As opposed to three images. 
    And the Falcon, what are my thoughts? You don't wanna know...but we gonna tell you anyway. [​IMG] We love our Falcon, beak and all! I'm still trying to get use to it - could not be more different in feel and results from the Lamy I've been using for 2012. The Falcon feels right nice and elegant. I went with Soft Fine and trying to adjust to the angles at which I write. I find the early going with script to be slow. 
    I love the way it flexes - much more control than I had previously with some of the cheaper gear. The nib is gorgeous looking. For whatever reason, its shape reminds me of a cobra's silhouette. Earlier tonight, I went to a local Indian restaurant to delight in Spicy Shrimp Curry. It's a usual spot for me a few times a month (great music, too!) After an hour of enjoyment there, I returned to the house and made out a personal note card thanking the owner and staff. YES, this was my Falcon's debut in the real world, after practicing on the back pages of junk mail and the accompanying envelopes.[​IMG]
    Although, I always thank/compliment my people there before I go, this evening I simply waved and left with purpose. 20 minutes later, I walked in armed with the card and took the owner's breath away. The Japanese ink was eye-catching! This staging made for a wonderful surprise.
    My first hand written letter still to come...next week.
  13. MuZI
    Sigh... Purchased 3 Fountain Pens. I sold my Delta Celestial Blue (stub) and got these 3 for a bit more than I sold it for.
    - Vintage Montegrappa Piston Filler
    - Pelikan M605 Galeria Kaufhof Edition
    - Pelikan M215 Lozenge
    I missed a beautiful Montblanc 22 I really wanted [​IMG]
    Self goal... no more FP purchases until 2013 unless I get a great deal. 
    Goal for 2013...
    Montblanc 146
    J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir
    Caran d'Ache Saffron
    Edit: Just picked up a Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 13 in Boot Brown... damn it...
  14. MuZI
    Oh, and I accidently won a Montblanc John Lennon SE pen.
  15. ZetsuBozu0012
    Mother of—
    What? Huh? That's... just... awesome! How the heck did that even happen? Congrats XD
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