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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. AppleheadMay
    Doesn't Akkerman ship worldwide? To Hungary won't be a problem I think.
    I buy a lot of stuff there by mail, really good service.
    He even called me today (Sunday) for a pen that needs to get repaired.
  2. attika89
    Yes, they do ship ww. My concern is that it costs €20, so I try to find other people for a group-buy.
  3. AppleheadMay
    Yeah, shipping from Western Europe is expensive, I know, it's always a problem when I need to ship smaller/inexpensive items WW. And commercial couriers cost about double from here to the US than vice/versa.
    I have to order some MB ink from Akkerman next week so if you want I could order your bottle(s) along with it and send it to you. Shipping to Hungary would be 8,30€ if the package weighs under 350gr., 12,45€ if it's between 350gr. and 1kg. No tracking or insurance for that price though, registered is 4,90€ extra.
    Sorry to post this here mods, normilly it would have been better to post it in a PM but I posted it here anyway in case anybody else wants some of the MB or Akkerman inks while I am ordering now anyway. Saves them the cost of shipping from Akkerman to me and I can ship cheaper to them.
    For those that need something from Akkerman drop me a PM before tomorrow night.
  4. Maverickmonk
    Just came in the mail today: My Lamy Logo (stainless steel) with a fine nib. Writes beautifully, just like the safari, and not much more, but in my opinion is a much more mature looking design. The z26 size cartridge holds more ink as well. Not very heavy, but comfortable to hold. I'm quite pleased with it.
  5. Audius
    There's a *possible* deal on Massdrop for fountain pens that's coming up and being voted on right now  by anyone with an account.
    Link is HERE
    Don't let the lamy or vista win, the starting price is $35 and it doesn't include free shipping or even a converter, and TSWBI Mini is about to beat it out and is already $5 below amazon's price. Go vote for the tswbi mini!!! I wanna get that thing for half off, don't you? Lol. but seriously, anyone voting for the Lamy or vista at this point obviously likes to waste their money. If the starting prices was $22, OK. But it's almost $40 for a Lamy and people are letting it win. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.
  6. Silent One
    In the spirit of keeping The Art of Writing by hand alive, since 1 January, I have written three personal letters at length and five notecards. All using my Pilot Falcon2 Metal Fountain pen. What are you all writing and what are you writing it with?
  7. John In Cali
    Lots of college notes as well as sheet music that I'm writing(both college and personal).  Just a Lamy Safari with a extra fine nib for now.
  8. Silent One
    I am inspired by both your college note taking and sheet music. That you're flowing with Lamy is as fine as any other instrument. I've seen/heard many an experienced musician pick up lower end kit and yet, they still have that unmistakable sound that identifies them.
    John In Cali likes this.
  9. attika89
    Luckily I could organize a little group-buy for the Akkerman inks.
    I choose the Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indigo..not the most intereseting color choice, but the shading is very nice.
    It dries pretty saturated though, looks a bit nicer when wet.
    I would say Diamine China Blue behaves like this as well.
  10. JK1
    I wonder how many people write a letter with a fountain pen, then scan it and e-mail it.
  11. Silent One
    You raise a good point! Though, with some magazines on my iPad, I'd rather have in my hands while relaxing.
  12. jkxs
    I just recently got into fountain pens (Lamy Safari with J Herbin's Perle Noire ink) and found that I need to practice my cursive (I'm used to only writing in print)
  13. Silent One
    Carry around a French notepad and get widit! 
  14. Scott_Tarlow
    I am trolling u guys:
  15. Silent One
    Means this thread is making a come back! 
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