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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. riton66
    Did you compare it to the PWAudio n°5  ?
    I've got an Oriolus mk1 and don't know which one to take...
  2. florence
    This gem deserves more attention, folks.
    Since first I got Oriolus, I haven't had time to give an intensive listening. So recently I have been listening to Oriolus and here is my  thoughts on this:
    Fit is great, this is my second best fit iem to date. The best one was inear stagediver series.
    Build quality is also great. I'm coming from Velvets lately, big build quality difference between them, period.
    These sound full bodied, bass is quite delightful, yet very controlled. Thanks to dynamic driver.
    Mid freq is clear, there is no mid bass boost problem.
    Seperation is good. All instruments are here and over there.
    Resolution is top notch.
    Smooth highs, I have never noticed any sibilance. Airy sound welcomes you. Thanks to well tuned BAs.
    Decent soundstage.
    Thanks to the engineers who tuned these hybrids.
    Mine is Japan version mk2 and the cable is pw audio copper litz no5.
    Pairing with Mojo+iPhone 6S, using Tidal and Spotify.
    I had a chance to pair with ZX2 and listened to high resolution files, definitely sweet match.
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  3. D6nuts
    Some news of the Forsteni? there is 2 versions  one chinese et one japanese but when ?
  4. hellfire8888
    -deleted-- found my answer..
  5. Carlsan
    I am sure that this has been answered before, sorry for bringing this up again if it has, but does the Oriolus first version sound like the second mk2 version?
    What are the changes, just cosmetic?
  6. D6nuts
    The difference? Better cable, better treble and better acrylic finish
  7. Carlsan
    Checked with Dimitri from MusicaAcoustics, heck of a nice gentleman.
    He confirmed with me that the differences are  purely cosmetic plus a different cable.
    He believes that the sound difference people sometimes report hearing is due to the cable.
  8. chukwe
    Does the ORIOLUS have a Custom fit version?
  9. pretzel06
    Anyone had tried balanced vs unbalanced on this iem, is there noticeable difference? 
  10. RyanLuong
    My Oriolus with plusSound X8 Gold Plated Silver cable :)
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  11. michaelc
    I have tried SE and 'balance' for ZX2 and 'true balance' for PHA3.
    It's noticeable difference. Just better....headphone territory 
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  12. jackyzhu
    Just received my Oriolus mark II (Chinese version, I believe the difference to Japanese version is just the cable) this Monday. Have just listened to it for a few hours. Overall impression is great. Impressive clarity, wonderful mid range and treble. Bass is great too, but I still prefer the bass on IE800. Also got FX1100 at the same time. Have been listening to IE800 for one or two months. Haven't done side by side comparison between them. 
    Interestingly, the fit is perfect for me (using the L-size JVC spiral dot tips)! The best among FX1100, IE800. Probably because I have large ear/ear canal? To me, the largest tips of IE800 are still not large enough.
    Planed to mod FX1100, as I had good time with modded FX850. However, having Oriolus, I have lost interest in modding FX1100, as I reckon Oriolus can still easily beat modded FX1100.
    To me, IE800 still wins on the bass response. Listening to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean, it's just amazing. It beats Oriolus on this part, but Oriolus wins others, especially the mid range which I listen the most.
    So I think I will put IE800, FX1100 up for sale soon. The only IEMs now I am still interested in are JH Angie.
  13. Luciferhawk

    Just curious, how is the bass on the IE800 compared to Oriolus? Which one is more tighter and has faster response?
  14. jackyzhu

    I think the bass on IE800 is tighter and has better extension in the low end. In terms of speed, I am not too certain, probably similar, as I am not too sensitive to that.
  15. florence
    Sorry, but there could be no competition between IE800 and Oriolus mk2 Japan version in any area except soundstage. IE800 has an artificial soundstage and it sounds great to some ears (including mine) but Oriolus has not only realistic bass but also better quality and quantity presentation.

    Former IE800 owner here.
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