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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. TheMiddleSky
    Look up at Noble Katana too, I am Oriolus lover my self, and find that Katana is really good.
  2. fzman Contributor
    What did you decide?  I have the Merlin V2s, and want to try the Oriolus (maybe the Fidue A91 as well.  I like natural sound, but I want dynamics, hard-hitting bass, with good pitch definition, and cybals that sound like cymbals, not like bacon frying.  I want it to trick me into thinking the musicians are 'playing in or near my head'  What are your thoughts?
  3. alffla
    I chose the Oriolus in the end! I found that the Oriolus has a more chaotic yet lively sound. It also has a bit of a bump in the mid-high range that pushes vocals more forwards which I kind of liked as well. Merlinv2 has a more controlled sound with slightly softer highs IMO, oriolus highs are clearer and heavier hitting. I think the Merlin has edges out Oriolus in terms of a solid bass, but loses out in engaging mid-highs to highs. I hope this helps! I don't regret my purchase at all, they're simply different sound signatures.
  4. fzman Contributor
    I ordered a set on Amazon last week, but they claim they shipped it, and UPS claims they did not.  There is tracking info, but it is "ghost tracking" which I never knew existed.  I paid extra for overnight shipping, and it did not come, as scheduled, on Thusday, neother did it come on Friday.  So today I demanded and received a refund.
    So now the question is whether to try to order again, and if so to get the regular version or the carbon fibre faceplate version.  Any thoughs on that one?
  5. darveniza
    Sorry to hear about your experience, just FYI I am selling a set of Oriolus MK2 with PW5 cable if interested. Details on the for sale forum
  6. fzman Contributor
    why are you selling?
  7. darveniza
    Downsizing as I had accumulated multiple IEM's and just found I could not spend sufficient quality time with all of them
  8. amature101
    Where can i try ORIOLUS MKII in Singapore?
  9. kimD

    E1 Personal @ Orchard Rd
  10. Sonic Ecstasy
    Any comparisons between oriolus and campfire audio andromeda or fidue a91 sirius? Deciding on which to buy as they are all similarly priced and a91 seems to be ranked on par with andromeda, but wondering how the oriolus compares to both.
  11. amature101
    how's that compare to your ak3+1?
  12. kimD

    Oriouls was good, but can't do compared as here, I will post an over to Chinese Thread
  13. hellfire8888
    Received mine today. The default tip is not so good. Change to my JVC spiral tip. The sound is what i am looking for. Pair well with Opus #1, and Cayin N6. Somehow i cant get it to work nicely with onkyo as i can hear some static noise when streaming music via wifi
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  14. fzman Contributor
    Has anyone tried the Oriolus w-01 cable?  I got one yesterday, and am listening to it with my pair of UM Merlin V2s.  All of my Whiplash and ALO cables fit its sockets snuggly, The Oriolus cable requires virtually no insertion or removal force- are the Oriolus sockets smaller than normal, I have been wondering whether the .76 and .78 designations are length or diameter of pins.  No spec is given for the Oriolus, hence my question.  I like the cable, but it will be very expensive if an acrylic iem falls off the cable, and breaks when it lands on a hard surface (and I am not bragging about my 6-pack abs here, lol).
    Thanks for any info on this.
  15. 3nenbgumi
    I don't know about the W-01, but the W-02 cable that comes with the Chinese version (I assume both should have the same pin diameter) fits the Oriolus pretty snugly. The W-02 however fits my custom JH13 loosely as well, so if I have to make an educated guess I'd say .76
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