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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Luciferhawk

    What a coincidence, I'm currently using a SE535LTD for my travel IEM and looking for a replacement. Auditioned the Orioulus, K10, Air, Jupiter, UE Remastered, FXA7, S-EM9 and QDC SH8 during my transit in HKG.

    Final 3 would be the Oriolus, K10 and SH8, hope to make a decision by end of the month.

    Still waiting for my 335DW to arrive.

    I'm actually surprised that China IEM are really good.

    May I know how much you bought your Oriolus for?

    Thank you beforehand
  2. 3nenbgumi
    I've recently acquired a PW Audio No.5 cable (akin to the one that comes with the Japanese version of the Oriolus). IMHO and it could be my ears playing tricks on me, there is a distinct different between the PW Audio No.5 and the stock cable that comes with the Chinese version. The No.5 rounds out better and more complete imaging, trading off some of the width for some of that much-needed soundstage depth. Vocals are brought closer, more intimate and IMO significantly more emotional. I'm starting to see how people do relate the Oriolus to the TG334!, albeit with better bass and more emphasized top end frequencies, whereas with the other cable it seems pretty much a far cry from it.
  3. Fizban

    That's what I said all along! =D
  4. 3nenbgumi
    Yeah I have to admit that I got a bit more curious about it from your feedback. Saw a nice deal on an used one and thought I'd just give it a shot since aesthetically and ergonomically it was head and shoulder above the stock one. Glad I went with it. Thank you! :D
    Fizban likes this.
  5. boomtube
    I just sold my Oriolus MK2 and I regret it.
  6. florence
    Think about a comparison between Solar and Oriolus v2, what would you say?
  7. boomtube
    th Solar can sound muddy and average with the wrong cable...Oriolus is very dynamic, crystal clear, detailed, awesome bass...almost like a cross between TG 334 and SE846. I have the Zeus-R incoming. I'm definitely going to re-purchase the Oriolus, not the Solar.
  8. florence
    Seems that we all have that great totl Oriolus which competes with any iem out there. Thanks for reply.
  9. Luciferhawk
    I think we can all agree what a great IEM this is and especially at the price that they're offering :)
  10. TheMiddleSky
    Currently my most favourite pairing, Oriolus mk2 with Effect Audio Ares II+
    Full body sound, rich texure in midrange and bass while treble is still pretty clear in polite way.
  11. boomtube
    Curious if you've heard or own the Tralucent 1plus2 or 2.2 and how it compares to the Oriolus MK2 or 1?
  12. sonickarma
    Nice !
    My Ares II+ review if anyone is interested
  13. TheMiddleSky
    Heard it for many times, in fact there's one 1plus2 now right beside me.
    Tbh, I'm more to warmish and smooth sound, so for me 1plus2 sound dry, a bit sterile, with great soundstage imaging, but still suffer from illness of multi driver iem (coherency).
  14. zeissiez

    The Oriolus is very coherent
  15. boomtube
    I just sold mine...I PM'd the person I sold them to and said I'd buy them back if they don't like them...highly unlikely.
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