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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. kimD
    Just went for audition with the current oriolus v2.
    Seem like treble roll off.
    Soundstage ok, but not sparked at all :D

    I think not worth that price
  2. justrest

    Yea I understand now. Thank you my friend.
  3. jmills8
    seems you just want to collect things ?
    ezekiel77 likes this.
  4. kimD

    Not do not attracted me at all.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    That's the beauty of raw instore auditions, there's no purchase justification or swayed bias. [​IMG]
    Thanks for your thoughts. 
  6. kimD

    Something missing couldn't find why.
    Otherwise one of the best IEM out there
  7. osman59
    Hello everyone,
    I have just ordered Oriolus V2 with PW audio copper litz upgrade cable. I will most likely receive the phones within a week.
    I will use the Oriolus together with Sony NW ZX2 and planning to order a gold/silver cable with trrs balanced jack.
    Does anyone have the experience of using Oriolus V2 together with Sony NW ZX2 ( balanced or unbalanced) ?
    Do you guys recommend gold/silver litz cable for Oriolus V2 ?
    Your replies will be highly appreciated,
    with best regards.
  8. boomtube
    It's bright and detailed...I used to have the zx2 and it's a darker/smokey sounding DAP. I think the Oriolus will be a good match.
  9. osman59
    Thanks for the reply.
  10. kimD
    Cables wise should go with Silver plate copper or purely hybrid copper + silver wire.
    Oriolus v2 are great but roll off on treble side.
  11. Telacap99

    Gold plated silver or gold + silver cable is great for the Oriolus, try to stick with 4 wire ones to keep the bass in check.
  12. osman59
    Thanks for the comments and suggestions.
  13. darveniza
    I have a set of Oriolus MK2 available on the for sale forum
  14. osman59
    Hello every one,
    I have just receieved Oriolus V2 with PW audio copper litz upgrade cable. My first impressions were mainly positive, however I also felt something was missing in the sound or some frequencies were to much exagerated. Overall sound was too contrasty, too much detailed in some frequencies.
    I could not achieve a good fit with any of the stock tips included. I think nozzle of Oriolus is too short and creating the problem (at least for my ears).
    I tried many tips which were available in my stock.
    Finally I tried with double flange tips which came with Hifiman re-600. The differecences were night and day in the whole spectrum of the sound.
    Subbass extension increased, bass region as a whole became fuller and detailed and gained volume. Low mids got more body and mids  sounded full. High mids and lower treble recessed just a little, high treble extension and resolution  increased.
    Of course every ears structure is different. However nozzle of Oriolus seems to be extremely short. If any of you experiencing fit problem because of this shortness you can give a try to double flanged tips which worked perfectly in my case.
  15. Telacap99

    Congrats! Spinfit works pretty well for me...
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