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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. Shembot
    I previously participated in this program for the PM-1, but I'd actually like to try the PM-2 now as I think it might be the better headphone for my purposes. If that's ok, please add me to the PM-2 list. :) I agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. jerick70
    I'm in the same boat as @Shembot.  I was in the PM-1 loaner program and I would like to participate in the PM-2 program now.  I agree to all of the terms.
  3. Army-Firedawg
    Has there been any word from the PM-2 Unit 1? I haven't received any notification of them being sent yet from @petezjunior 
  4. Jiffy Squid
    He has your address and should be shipping them out soon. 
  5. dawktah2
    I am interested in the PM-1 loaner program.  I currently have the PM-3 and the HA-2.  I am considering purchasing the HA-1 and the PM-1 for home use. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Army-Firedawg
    I'll warn you my friend, you will become SO spoiled on the PM-1's! It's been about 2 months since I've heard them and my ears are still longing for more.
  7. knop63
    I'm very interested in the PM2 headphones.  I agree with your terms and conditions.
  8. Ethan Groover
    I am interested in the PM2 as well! I agree to the terms and conditions.
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  9. knightboy140
    Just received pm-1 unit 2. Sound pretty solid on first listen.
  10. tomatoshoe
    I am interested in the PM-1. I agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
  11. themiller10
    I'm interested in the PM-2 and i agree to the terms and conditions!
  12. knop63

    I was wondering if the Oppo loaner program is still active?  I am interested in purchasing a pair of high end headphones soon and I would like to give the Oppos a listen.  Either the PM1 or PM2 would be fine.  Any help on how to proceed from here would be appreciated?  Thanks. 
  13. Dcun201
    So close almost my turn to try out the PM-1 =D
  14. nabwong
    How long are people hanging on to the Oppos? 
  15. Army-Firedawg

    WAY longer than they're supposed to (1 week) the person before me @petezjunior has had them for more than twice that. Which drastically slows down someone elses chance to listen to them. There should be a way to rate individuals on here (similar to feedback) that can't follow the rules so future loaner programs can pick out potential mishaps sooner.
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