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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. H2Ologd
    I just received the PM-2 loaner this evening.  Thank you Jiffy Squid and OPPO for this opportunity.  I look forward to listening to this and trying in on my different systems.  
    Ignore what I just said, I didn't fully read the new updates on the post.
  3. nabwong
    I got the PM-1 a couple days ago and I'm about ready to send it to the next person. It looks like it's tskinner3. I'll contact Jiffy Squid to get your address. The box is a little beat up. I might have to find a new box. 
  4. tskinner3
    Received the PM-2s from Army-Firedawg. Thanks!
  5. Rhum
    I'd be very interested in taking the PM-1s for a spin if possible. I accept all the terms and conditions of course. Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. aaron811
    any idea how these wonderful cans would perform for competative gaming?
  7. jerick70
    I gamed with the PM-1 when I had them for my loaner time.  The spatial awareness just was not there in first person shooters.  There is lots of deep bass though for explosions.  So depending on your need they may work for you. 
    Out of the headphones I've owned, the HE-560, LCD-2F, and AKG K702 Anni is much better in for first person shooters, to my ears.
  8. Ethan Groover
    I second this, the HE-560 has a very wide soundstage that reminds me of the Sennheiser HD598, except much more precise. They are fantastic for gaming.
  9. H2Ologd
    I have sent off the PM-2 sample to the next member.  Thank you to Jiffy Squid and OPPO.  This was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed them.  I will try to post my opinion later.  
  10. Hungry Eyes
    I am interested.  I would like to try the PM-2.  I agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. Dcun201
    Your pm1 is on its way. Should arrive monday
    Any word from tskinner3 about the PM-2s? I've been patient but its been 2 weeks since he first recieved them with no words and I just felt the need to ask.
  13. dawktah2
    I'm getting close to the loaner PM-1 being sent my way! In anticipation I'm putting together a playlist to cover all the genres I listen to. I've listened to decent equipment but now can voyage into high-end gear. I no longer have the luxury to set up speakers anymore.

    If anyone has auditioned the PM-1 with any of these tracks I'd like to know what you thought.

    For me I can only compared to my PM-3 as I don't own any other high-end headphones. I've bought Bose in the past and now wondering what on earth was I thinking.

    "Mondoshawan" by Eric Serra, The Fifth Element, OST FLAC

    "Timecrash" by Eric Serra, The Fifth Element, OST FLAC

    "Leeloo" by Eric Serra, The Fifth Element, OST FLAC

    "Five Millennia Later" by Eric Serra, The Fifth Element, OST FLAC

    Kind of Blue, by Miles Davis, album DSD

    The Way Up, by Pat Metheny, album FLAC

    Playin' Hooky, by Bob James, album FLAC

    "Can't Hide Love" by Earth, Wind & Fire, DSD

    "Out of the Storm/Dark Side of the Cog" by Incognito, FLAC 

    "Shelbi" by Paul Hardcastle, Cover to Cover, FLAC

    "London Chimes" by Paul Hardcastle, Cover to Cover, FLAC

    "Peace on Earth" by Paul Hardcastle, Cover to Cover, FLAC

    "The Planets" by Gustav Holst, mp3

    "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Moussorgsky-Ravel, DSD

    "High Speed Maneuvers" by Henry Jackman, Captain Phillips OST, FLAC

    Once again, thanks Jiffy Squid in advance for this opportunity.
  14. ktmracer12345

    Not a bad list. Not the same as my normal listening tastes, but I think you'll still be able to get a good listen with these tracks. Also, the PM-3 is a fairly high end headphone. I see no problem in using it as your baseline. The PM-1's are an open headphone, so that'll be a little different. Make sure you don't just fall in love with the comfort and soundstage. Many open headphones will impress a closed headphone user with their soundstage. Also, I felt like the PM-3's were a little too small for comfort. The PM-1's are reasonably bigger. You're going to love high-end phones. I haven't auditioned the PM-1's yet, but I'm really looking forward to them. This is an addicting hobby!
  15. OrganMonster
    I just got the PM-1 loaner. Thanks Jiffy, this is wonderful sounding.
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