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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. chef8489
    I really like the Audeze lcd2c and i hear the Aeon open are quite nice. I fell in love with the Pm-1 and the lcd2c does not dissapoint.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  2. Tex Irie
    I don't want to hijack the thread. Can I PM you to ask some questions about your impressions of the LCD2C?
  3. chef8489
  4. CoffeeDog
    Ah, I'd seen my name in here. I'd sent that set of phones back to Oppo in early March, at their request, for they didn't seem to be working properly. I haven't heard back from them about the phones, and had assumed (yeah, yeah, I know) that any appropriate notifications would have been made by them. I had thought that Oppo would either put a replacement pair into circulation or would have posted in this thread about the cessation of that pair's participation in the tour. I guess that since there are no headphones listed on the Oppo website that we have our answer. I do apologize for not keeping a closer eye on this thread, for I could have stated this earlier. I'm sorry guys.
  5. CoffeeDog
    What the... I'd posted about this but it's not here; c'est la vie. I'd returned the PM-1 set to Oppo, last March and at their request, for they didn't seem to be performing properly. I had assumed (yeah, I know!) that Oppo would replace that pair or make a suitable announcement about them being taken out of service. I should have kept a keener eye on this thread and apologize to all who were waiting and left in the dark.
  6. 495045
    In Europe, it is also difficult to find retail locations where people can go and listen to them, :triportsad:
  7. Stubearblack
    I agree to terms and would like to demo the PM1 :)
  8. CoffeeDog
    Alas, Oppo Digital no longer manufactures any products, so no more PM-1 or -3, no more UDP-205 disc player/DAC, oh well. They still provide product support and firmware updates, but they don't build new anymore.
  9. 495045
    May be we should wait. My guess is that they have plans for the future, may be focussing on DCAs. They were right no longer producing UDPs
  10. CoffeeDog
    I hope you're right, but their home page says "FAREWELL", "OPPO Digital To Gradually Stop Manufacturing New Products". The only product they currently show is the Sonica speaker. However, an email from Oppo today made reference to not pursuing the manufacture of new products "...at this time", so who knows? But I'm not holding my breath.
    495045 likes this.
  11. 495045
    My hope is that I can't how a company with no income migh continue technical support to be available. So they might be working on the future : new business plan, new product (no reason to let other brands no). But it's more a guess than a hope. Oppo might want to establish themselves on the smartphone market. Which puzzles me is that there in no increase of the sales in Europe, no incresase of the price neither on the stock nor the upgraded versions.
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