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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. topgunsphd
    Zurv, once you have received your balanced cable may I get you impressions on se vs balanced with the hd800 and ha1.
  2. gameon

    Which Cable did you order ??
  3. gameon
    I just ordered a Balanced Wywire Red cable for my Oppo HA-1 for my Audeze LCD-2 - Can't wait....
  4. Zurv
    Sennheiser CH 800S - it was on amazon and one day shipping. I don't really know how to evaluate cable claims. At least going with Sennheiser it will be of the same build quality as the cable now - the change will only be going to balanced. 
  5. Uniquexme

    Thanks shall check it out when I get my hands on it.:D
  6. Raptor34
    Has anyone tried the HA-1 remote control on your PC?    You have to be using a USB source but it controls the basic play controls!   I thought I had ghosts in the house the first time I pressed the pause button just for kicks and the audio stream paused.   [​IMG]  It's all on page 16 in the manual but I found that out after it happened a few times.   
    Something else I tried.   I hooked up my Mjolnir amp to the xlr pre outs of the HA-1 and tried the Home Theater bypass mode.   Sounded great but I still prefer the "Standard" mode with variable volume control.   I set the Mjolnir's volume control at around 11:00 oclock and used the HA-1 to control volume.   I'm lazy and prefer to remotely control the system.  That's why I went with the HA-1 in the first place.   The MJ was a good pairing with the Sabre dac.  Very resolving and musical but so is the HA-1 on it's own. 
  7. jt25741
    This "feature" is documented in the manual with the HA-1.    It freaked me out too at first.  I have a Joggler O2 Running Squeezeplay attached USB to the HA-1 --- and that platform has no IR remote.    When I clicked next track, connected to Oppo USB it magically worked.   I was amazed.... This is actually very useful feature for me... as I lay back...and often have the remote for volume control in my hand......I can advance the track too-- without having to go to my HTML based remote :)
  8. Xyrium
    I'm another user who was surprised that Foobar responded to the remote. I was extremely pleased to discover this "bonus" feature. Beyond the amazing audio performance, this beast is truly practical!
  9. aamefford
    ^^^ works for mac / iTunes as well.  Even with BitPerfect running.  Cool!
  10. Zurv
    the pause works with jriver and windows media player and media player classic :) (maybe any direct show aware player?)
    so I connected the balanced cable..
    it is louder - which i didn't expect. I had it at -19dB with the default HD800 jack - now I'm at -26dB for the same loudness. 
    Is it better? Maybe? hrmm.. i want to say yes.. but.. it takes to long to switch the cables that i lose the ability to really compare. I know that isn't very useful...
    I'll try to setup some time this weekend to give it the time it needs to compare.
  11. Uniquexme
    wonder if it works with Mac VLC. would be so cool to watch movie and control it with the remote...
  12. JML
    The remote works with VLC on a Mac.  Just tried it.
    Audirvana, too.
  13. Uniquexme

    Thanks super cool. Good to know. thanks.
  14. JML
    Remember, to work as a remote, the amp has to be turned on and working with the app that's playing through the amp.  It's sending a signal back to the computer via the USB connection.  I just don't want anyone to think it's a remote for the computer itself!  On a Mac, if you're watching movies through iTunes, QuickTime, or VLC, and you have the HA-1 selected as the device for sound output, it'll work just fine for volume control, muting, and play/pause.  Trying to go the next track/scene doesn't work to select the next scene in films, though (the button just starts the movie all over again).
  15. BuddyRich
    A couple of questions regarding this.
    1.  Does the front mobile input accept a full range of bitrates or limit it to 48KHz of the iphone dock mode?  Does it charge the device at the same time (vs. using the CCK which allows higher bitrates but doesn't charge).?  Can you control the volume from an app at that point?  What about as a regular USB DAC?
    2.  Is it an analog pre-amp or digital?
    3.  How does the sound compare to the M-DAC? 
    Right now I run use iPeng from an iPad via the CCK to the MDAC via balanced to a Bryston 4BST and into B&W CM9s and like the sound. Occasionally I'll throw on the HD650s for headphones but I wonder if this will be enough of an upgrade compared to the MDAC.  I would like an analog input and am intrigued with DSD files but have none currently and it is likely a better headphone amp than the MDAC so it might actually be worth it.
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