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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. sbgunn
    My next audio purchase will be a speaker upgrade. I am very interested in the Solo6's - a lot of people seem to like them. What do you think of them with the HA-1?
  2. Xyrium
    I think they are fantastic with the HA-1.
    Some competition for the Solos would be the Event Opals, PSI A17, and perhaps on of the smaller PMC or Quested models.
  3. Currawong Contributor
    Probably nothing new here for most people, but here's my video about the HA-1. I managed to keep it under 6 minutes!

    I probably missed a couple of things: The sound quality with APTX Bluetooth (Short answer: very good and only slightly behind USB etc.) but I do reckon with a pair of Emotiva or similar active speakers and headphones of choice you could squeeze in an entire rig for under $2k that would be expensive to beat.
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  4. Uniquexme
    Thats my reason for using WA22 as amp and HA1 is preamp out, so i have all the input connections on the HA1. I am wondering on how to bypass the amp section in HA1.  
  5. Stereolab42
    Perhaps the strategic snipping or disconnection of an internal wire? Ideally a way to turn it on/off with an external switch?
  6. Xyrium

    Got it. However, perhaps if you get the HA-1 in your home, you won't yearn for the WA22 at all. :wink:
  7. Uniquexme
    Maybe.... hehe... Juz place my order for HA-1. Will consider the WA22 at a later stage...
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  8. Xyrium
    Nicely done! I'm fairly selective about audio components, and this unit has a low noise floor and clean sound, yet delivers the natural sound of the instruments. Don't get me wrong, I like tubes. My Mesa Boogies have kept me strumming out creamy tones for years now, but properly-implemented solid state can easily equal, or surpass the delectable highs and mids of valves.
    Ok, maybe not in my guitar rig, but definitely in reproduction. [​IMG]
  9. Uniquexme
    Thanks Xyrium. Now shall wait till sep before i can get my new toy. 
  10. Zurv
    Doesn't the Home Theater Bypass take care of that for you?
  11. Uniquexme
  12. akhyar
    ^ if you're looking for iFi products in SG, you should check with Stereo or E1
  13. Uniquexme

    Check with E1, think they no longer dealing with iFi products. shall check with Stereo.
  14. zackzack
    How does this compare to musical Fidelity M1, Peachtree & Sennheiser HDVD800 etc?
  15. Zurv
    .. first this site makes my buy the ha-1 and now.. i guess it is balanced cable time. Honestly, up till now a lot of this dac stuff was a bit of the emperor's new clothes. I've spent $1000s and $1000s ... and he was still looking pretty naked :)
    yes, stuff in the past was better than not using a DAC. but no way close to the 1000s i spent (well.. still isn't.. that is a lot of money) yes it was a little cleaner but not a big jump. The Oppo should be in the same class (but better) as was what i used before (the audiolab M-Dac and fostex HA8.) But damn the oppo is good :)
    So i ordered up the official balanced cable for the HD800 :) Hopefully they have an impact :) (damn they cost a lot just for a cable)
    Now to find more hi res music. Sadly much of it, say opera, has new high res versions, but the performances themselves isn't as good as the older ones :frowning2: I wasted $50 on Cosi fan tutti yesterday from HDtracks - yeah.. high quality but.. not very good singers :frowning2:
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