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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. olegausany
    While HD800 sound very very good with HA-1 on normal gain and 1/4" jack i still would recommend high gain and 4 pin XLR out to get best sound with better microdetails retrieval
  2. TheGovernment
    Nope, I don't have a balanced cable yet, I'm making one but waiting for my minixlr to get here.
  3. akhyar
    Excellent news.
    I'm reading as many impressions I can find on the pairing as my local dealer will only bring-in the demo model in 2-3 weeks time.
  4. arnaud Contributor

    I'm afraid people will have moved on to more recent product announcements by the time you finish your review lol :).
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  5. sbgunn

    Why is that? The Oppo manual and everything else I've read about amplification says its best to use the lowest gain you can get away with to reduce potential for distortion or raising the noise floor.

    Also balanced on normal gain the HD800s get pretty loud! I haven't even considered switching to high for the sake of my poor eardrums!
  6. mrscotchguy

    I disagree, I enjoyed the read, especially after it was cleaned up a bit. It seems like the first real constructive bit of information, even if it is just about opening the box.

    I appreciate your thoughts on what the bulk of us may often take for granted. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading the full review.

    PS, I'm sure there'd be no hate if there were a picture or two :wink:
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  7. craftyhack
    LOL, well, I may just be setting expectations as low as possible to protect myself.  In reality, I am extremely excited to do this, so I expect it to be done much sooner, to the point I am thinking of taking vacation to do it!!  But, low expectations = no disappointment.  Ask Schiit about that regarding setting expectations :wink:.
  8. olegausany
    Don't forget that HD800 are high impedance headphones. At high gain i use volume level between -30 and -25 while at normal gain i will need it between -15 and -9 depending on the recording
  9. Headphoner
    Brevity is not the order of the day.  A lot of words on the sound of a unit will be appreciated.  A lot of words on taking the unit out of its box is too many words.
  10. jonstatt
    Are you talking 160D or Soloist/Conductor here? The Soloist/Conductor was considerably better in performance than the 160D and in particular the 160D was under-powered for headphones like the Audeze. If you feel the HA-1 matches the 160D that would not really be an accolade. I have both the Soloist and the HA-1 and I can certainly hear differences between the two volume matched. They are different tonally although I have not concluded one as being better yet as I have been too busy over the weekend to do some proper listening tests.
    EDIT: Further thoughts....
    To add, the pricepoints are a bit different across the globe making comparisons in terms of pricepoint and value a challenge.
    In the UK the prices are
    Burson Soloist 800 pounds, Conductor 1500 pounds, HA-1 1200 pounds
    In the US the prices are
    Burson Soloist 1000 dollars, Conductor 1850 dollars, HA-1 1200 dollars
    So in the UK, you are more likely to draw a comparison with the Conductor than in the US perhaps. On the other hand, is Oppo trying to be a giant slayer here. Achieve a higher performance point at a lower price. Audiophile grade technology is very fickle. The price something costs is often more about "What the manufacturer can get away with charging" rather than the true cost of research, development and production. It is therefore very possible to have giant slayers if a manufacturer approaches this in an aggressive quality/pricepoint manner.
    The Oppo does have more gimmicks than the Burson of course. It has a colour screen and Bluetooth. It also has balanced connections which the Burson does not.
  11. JML
    From his profile listing, he had and sold the Soloist.
  12. Subatomic
    Same goes in Australia.
    Solo SL: $795
    Conductor SL (ESS): $1800
    Conductor: $2000
    Oppo HA-1: $1800
    So much ouch.
  13. jonstatt
    Doh! I should have checked that. Thank's JML. Another poster referred to the 160D which meant the possibility of confusion :)
  14. sbgunn

    So aside from needing less volume on the knob, high gain is better for quality and detail retrieval? I don't think I've ever see than mentioned anywhere else so I'm curious.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  15. olegausany
    This what i hear but everyone hears differently so i understand if don't hear any difference at all
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