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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Audiofiend1
    So i just pulled the trigger on a new HE-6SE, now i have heard the rumors that the HE-6 is notoriously hard to drive! I plan on using my Oppo HA-1 to drive them. DO you guys think that this will provide enough power? i'm still a little confused as to the power ratings output and amps that the HA-1 is throwing out, not sure how it would correlate for the HE-6, thoughts?
  2. MRC001
    If you use the HA-1 balanced output, then yes it has plenty of power. It's rated at around 3 Watts, which would be enough to drive the HE-6. But mine put out 7 Watts into 50 ohms when bench tested recently -- more than twice its rated power. It's a beast!
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  3. erik701
  4. erik701
    My HA-1 had hard times to drive LCD-4, that’s why I sold it. I don’t recommend it for HE-6/HE-6SE. I would rather go fo iFi Pro iCan or Violectric V281.
  5. jole68
    Cant drive 50ohm??? or is not good pair
  6. MRC001
    Objectively, the HA-1 balanced headphone output has the grunt to easily drive 50 Ohm and lower to several watts of output, with low distortion & noise and linear response, to deafening levels. Whether it is a good pairing, is a question of subjective preference. The HA-1 is a very neutral amp, which can sound unforgiving on certain headphones.
  7. makan
    I have the HE-6 and the HA-1. It can drive it to a very loud volume, but with not much headroom. I prefer the HE-6 out of my BHA-1 and winsome mouse T-amp speaker amp. It is just a matter of seeing if you like the synergy and not having a lot of headroom. It still sounds good out of the HA-1. The numbers can be deceiving I find when trying to figure out reality.
  8. WildStyle-R11
    For some headphones the power might be there, but to a higher volume level than you might want. I got my LCD 2C running from the HA-1 Balanced and you know it is just enough Power / Volume. At some times I do drop the volume down when I am tired and I feel the need to EQ the low end. But it also is partially because of my setup. So, your YMMW.
  9. MRC001
    The HA-1 has a gain mode for the headphone output (low or high). Low gain is recommended because it's cleaner and puts the volume knob at a higher position which for analog pots is always best (lower noise, ideal channel balance). I use it for my LCD-2 and HD-600. High gain is for inefficient headphones like the HE-6, and goes beyond 3 W output. The HA-1 is conservatively underrated in power and actually produces more than twice its rated power.

    But all that is true only for its balanced output. The HA-1's unbalanced output is clean, but not nearly as powerful.
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  10. gPope
    It's quite odd that low gain is recommended and yet the default setting is high:

  11. jole68
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  12. Herbie151
    PROBLEM: can anyone help please?

    When the HA-1 unit is first switched-on, music still plays (quite loudly) but in mono, when the volume is turned right down. As it is turned up, stereo then kicks in. After a while, i.e. with heat I imagine, the problem disappears....

    Problem - one has to listen a little too loudly when it's first cold if you want stereo!

    Cheap fix or sign of problems to come?

    Cheers guys,

  13. polecrab
    I and others have posted about this channel imbalance problem at cold temperatures. For me, Oppo had to replace the main board and potentiometer and it worked fine after that. I suspect there was a common defect in early units that they later addressed. Since you need parts, you probably need Oppo to fix it for you.
  14. MRC001
    Not a cheap fix, and a sign of problems to come. The volume control is a pot that sometimes fails due to the high operating temps. Typically it gradually worsens.
    You can try turning it through its full range of motion several times. This can clean it. But you're going to be replacing it at some point.
  15. jole68
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