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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Progisus
    I totally understand your feelings. I feel I could easily have stayed with my HA-1. It also handles EVERY signal thrown at it and has the fantastic display as well. Also helps heat the room in winter. Lol. I think it is going to reclaim its desk space.
  2. craftyhack
    I have been using my HA-1 for hours everyday since I got it in the beginning of Aug in 2014. It is my desktop DAC/AMP for all of my main PCs(shared with a USB switcher, basically a KVM). I use at least one of my PCs every day for minimum say 2-3 hrs. When working and then gaming after than could be 20 hrs or more straight. I have had zero issues with it and it does everything I need wonderfully. Now that I realized that it is 4 years old with maybe tens of thousands of hours on it I am a bit nervous :frowning2:. Perhaps I should buy another as a spare while that is still sort of possible.
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  3. Audiofiend1
    Thanks for the replies guys, i'm really happy to hear that it's not just me who feels this way about the HA1 dac compared to other dacs. It's amazing to see how many people love their Ha1 dac :)
  4. craftyhack
    Yeah man, and thank you for posting, you probably saved me at least $650 :D. I already have a gen 1 gungnir and I have been thinking real hard about sending it in to upgrade it to Gen 5 USB and multibit. I use it (with a Gen1 Mjolner) in my living area listening chair (vs. my HA-1 on my computer desk) and I can't really tell the difference between my HA-1 and my Gungnir/Mjolner right now (example cans used are unmodded HD800, LCD3, LCD-XC, Focal Elear all balanced on both DAC/AMPs). I figured after upgrading it would be much better than the Gen 1 version as well as the HA-1. It sounds like upgrading it would be a waste of $ as I prolly don't have a golden(or even copper) ear.

    That said, if I can find another HA-1, I would totally swap it out for my Gungnir/Mjolner as I do like the functionality of my HA-1 much more (remote, a nice display, more I/O, monitor outs, etc.) and it would be cool to have a spare, if my desktop HA-1 breaks I am gonna be hurtin, I am not aware of anything out there with this foot print and this functionality and quality to drive both monitors and headphones :frowning2:.

    I had also been considering picking up a Sonica to stack on my HA-1... but from what I read a lot of people couldn't tell the difference between the DAC in the Sonica and the DAC in the HA-1 either.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  5. Partyslammer
    Has anyone done a recent comparison between the HA-1 and the Marantz HD-DAC1?

    I've been using the Marantz with either Denon 7200's or Audeze LCD-XCs as far as digital sources and have been totally satisfied with the sound but I've never been happy with the Marantz' kinda cheap single stereo analog connection for analog sources from my receiver such as the turntable. I guess I'm wondering if I should consider finding a good used Oppo HA-1 and trading/selling my Marantz or using the likely additional $500+ I would need to spend to get an Oppo and just go for a simpler analog (maybe tube) headphone amp *in addition* to keeping the Marantz?
  6. LarryMagoo
    As mentioned previously, I use a Yggdrasil DAC with my HA-1 as I find most Delta Sigma DAC's tend to sound harsh/strident compared to an R2R style DAC. I really love all that the HA-1 can do...it's a shame that Oppo got out of the Music component business...in light of that development I think that HA-1 will turn into a real collectors item...if it hasn't already...
  7. WildStyle-R11
    Well i just swapped to my Marantz SA8005 built in DAC, to see what it does. I can't unhear it. The HA-1 has some kind of brightness somewhere. It sounds to me that the Marantz cleans up the sound in comparison.
  8. makan
    Yes. Some people have heard that brightness in the HA-1 DAC. Others like me haven’t. Enjoy!
  9. Progisus
    HA-1 has earned space on my desk so... put the Chord TT in line out mode and fed into HA-1 analog. Lots of power to feed the Utopias and sounds great. Sometimes I wonder if the amp section of DAC/Headphone Amplifiers isn’t actually what gives the sound “signature”.
  10. Svatopluk
    The brightness comes from the HA-1's ESS Sabre32 DAC, the amp is very natural and not coloured in any way. OPPO's implementation of the Sabre32 seems to bring the treble forward in the mix somewhat resulting in the perception (real or not) of added brightness. Some folks find it annoying, some do not.
    I still have my BDP-105 but I rarely use it's DAC (same as HA-1) nowadays. It's mainly used as a transport in conjunction with Yggdrasil functioning as DAC.
  11. WildStyle-R11
    Yeah, I'm still using my Oppo HA-1 as my AMP. The DAC is good and the brightness isn't too bad, but it is quite noticeable if you are sensitive to that. Took me years to figure out I'm sensitive to treble. :D
    Well good news is I was gonna put new link in the chain anyway, so it doesn't matter at this point.

    Also I can see people using the HA-1 Just because of the display, Just pass the signal trough. ^^
  12. hannahjherself
    FYI I am selling my Oppo HA-1 over in the classifieds.
  13. fnsnyc
    After trying the HA-1, I stuck with the Woo WA7.
    The DAC in the HA-1 is better, but it is too 'clean' sounding. I miss the warmth of a more natural tone.
  14. MRC001
    Nothing like the tubulicious sound of a SET amp to tame the brutally clean output of a SABRE DAC :)
  15. Megalith
    Does plugging the HA-1 into a surge protector or UPS impact its sound/dynamics if you are only using its pre-outs? Or would that only affect the headphone amp section?
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