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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. olegausany
  2. jonahsfo
    I just received the HA-1 stand today.  All I can say is WOW!
    The stand really is much nicer in person than in the photos.  In fact, the photos don't do it justice -- it's beautifully-made.
    Thanks for making this available to the community, Hastur (and OPPO)
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  3. Badas
  4. yunfu
    I want to know if aynyone drive T1 with HA-1 and how the performance was.
  5. Hififox
    Did anyone drive K701 with HA-1? I'm considering the wa7 or HA-1 for my ODAC+O2 combo upgrade. Any suggestions about these two amplifiers with K701?
  6. mithrandir38
    having owned both, I found the ha1 to be the better value. The Wa7 is on the bright side with strangely insubstantial mids.
  7. Dixter

    The HA-1 drives the T1 very well... my only wish would be to have a T1 wired for balance...  
    My phones for the HA-1 are HD800 (balanced),Alpha Dog (balanced) and PM-2 (balanced) and T1(single ended)
    The HA-1 does a great job at single end but it delivers a little more with balance......
    There are ways to make the HA-1 sound better via the software used...  JRiver MC19 can be tuned to make HA-1 sound great...(AISO)
    For example...  redbook converted to 2x DSD or 4x DSD really puts redbook where these phones sound great... 
    Thats the advantage of the DAC in the HA-1 as it is a DSD DAC...   so you can take any of your music, convert it to DSD (on the fly real time) and let the DAC do its magic...  :)
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  8. Dixter

    As much as I like my ODAC+O2 I can recommend the HA-1 as its so much better with DSD DAC and great power,
    you know that you will loose the portability of the ODAC with the HA-1...     
    If portability/mobility is a concern for you might I suggest the ifi idsd micro....  its a better DAC more power and many many functions above the ODAC setup....
    if you like/need the O2 then you can also update the DAC by mating the O2 with the ifi idsd...  a very good combination and it too updates the DAC to DSD capability that the ODAC does not provide...  you will be pleasantly surprised at the updated DAC
  9. Hififox
    Thank you mithrandir, that's really helpful. I found almost nobody discuss akg cans in both threads.
  10. Hififox
    Thanks Dixter, I like to leave my O2 combo in my office or bedroom if I upgrade my desktop system. So thank you for your suggestions, but ha-1 should be better than ifi iDSD for me.
  11. j0ewhite
    Hi guys, I'm thinking of cooling the HA-1 as the weather here is really warm, probably ambient temp about 30 deg C in the daytime.
    A simple setup using PC case fan either doing push or pull config. Have to consider dust getting into the HA-1 too. It will not be permanent. Something like if the thing gets too hot, I'll just put the fans on.
    Any suggestion? Thanks.
  12. MattTCG
    I really don't think that you need it. Oppo is a company that seems to do careful and extensive testing. I can only see you adding noise and introducing potential problems. Just turn a fan in the direction of the amp if you feel you need to. 
  13. j0ewhite

    Hey thanks. Here is how I placed the HA-1. The heat generated is kinda worrying. [​IMG]
  14. Smarty-pants

    If you introduce fans to the unit, you will be blowing and sucking dust into it and that could lead to problems, but more than anything it's just not necessary. There is no need to "worry" about the heat. It is a class-A amp and by default it's going to get very warm.
    The chassis is designed to dissipate heat, along with the open grill on top. As long as you give the unit plenty of breathing room, it should be fine.
  15. aamefford
    mine runs 110 F max.
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