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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. SharpEars
    I don't understand why several reviewers have found the USB input on the HA-1 lacking compared to its S/PDIF input. The HA-1 has asynchronous USB, so regardless of how jittery the incoming USB signal is, the HA-1 will reclock it to its internal clock. What is the perceived benefit of S/PDIF then, given that the S/PDIF carries along its own jitter from an external clock?
    Perhaps HasturTheYellow can chime in on Oppo's official position to the following question:
    What is the best way to send data to the HA-1, is it:
    • Via Asynchronous USB, because the HA-1 has a high precision clock that will enable it to reclock a noisy/jittery USB signal and feed the high quality resulting waveform to the DAC chip or
    • Take the USB output of the computer, send it to a high quality (expensive) external USB -> S/PDIF converter box such as the hiFace Evo. This device will remove most of the source jitter as part of the conversion, then feed the resulting clean S/PDIF signal into the HA-1
    Link to sample review mentioning the S/PDIF advantage:
    Link to hiFace Evo USB to S/PDIF converter info:
  2. mithrandir38
    Loving my HA-1 so far. I got the unit yesterday, and got the audeze balanced cable today, and there is definitely a difference between the single ended output and the balanced output, with the balanced output being more open and detailed, with less congestion in the midrange
  3. Badas

    Excellent. I thought the balanced was better as well. Obviously there is a db difference. I tested both using the different Audeze cables and thought the balanced was better. However I thought some said it couldn't and it was all placebo. Regardless I use balanced all the time.
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    For me balanced = lower noise! better separation! better soundstage! more dynamics!

  5. Badas

    I would agree with that. Music last night almost brought tears to my eyes it sounded so good in balanced.
    I was actually listening thinking "What do I need the Woo WA22 for?". [​IMG]
    Oh well. Who cares. WA22 will be fun anyhow. [​IMG]
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Tube goodness. There's just something about a good tube sound, and the orange glow. Mmmmmmmm.
  7. trsweets
    I'm using balanced on he 500 not sure yet on sound. I don't use a computer to get files so I use red book discs. It sounds good but should I invest in a sacd player or does the ha1 filter the sound to be just as good? I have it hooked up to a blu ray player to play CDs.
  8. Badas

    Yeah, I agree. Looking forward to it.
    I tested between the Oppo HA-1 and Woo WA2 in 1/4 inch connection and the Woo just (I really mean just) had a edge. Just sounded silky. When I got back to my Oppo at home I put in the balanced connection and it sounded the same as the WA2.
    So I'm hoping the WA22 in balanced with be another level again. Regardless if they sound close I want to make the WA22 have a deep down growl dirty tube sound. So it will be great for Blues / Jazz. Everything else can go to the Oppo.
    I have to say. For the $$ of the Oppo. Oppo have provided one hell of a DAC/Amp combo. It hits above its $$ range. Basically you have to part with a lot more $$ to get that last 2%.
  9. Badas

    I use a Oppo BDP-103D into the Oppo HA-1 for SACD and DVD Audio. I can't hear any difference between that and CD nor iPod. However that is just me. Others may think otherwise. Everything sounds great on the Oppo as long as the source is clean.
    99% of my listening is iPod sent to HA-1 via Coax (Arcam DrDock digital output). Sounds perfect. So CD should as well.
  10. trsweets
    Thanks for your input
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    Redbook CD can sound every bit as good as higher resolution files. Not a problem. The biggest difference is in the masters. If it was mastered like crap then the clarity of the HA-1 will easily reveal it. Even 320Kbps sounds good if properly encoded from good masters.
    SharpEars likes this.
  12. rick216
    In the OPPO usb setting control panel, what settings should I use for USB stream mode? Asio buffer size?
  13. mithrandir38
    I had no problem with the default settings. My ipod classic played perfectly, and the bit depth and sampling frequency info was all accurate
  14. Maxx134
  15. gotoma8
    Well, it's "to each their own" really.  I opted for wood as it looks classier than the acrylic.  IMHO.
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