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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Cagin
    Can we expect volume cap hassle with Onkyo DP-X1 units sold for outside JP?
    Though if EU units get capped, the mentionned 75mW + 75mW @ 32 Ohm (correct?) should give ample room for iems than my ZX2.
  2. kawaivpc1
    I'm only telling the truth... 
    After Pioneer releases their DAP, you shouldn't pay more than $700 for other DAPs which don't have Android 5, 10 hours of battery life, good sound quality, touchscreen, quad-core CPU, a good amount of RAM memories.
    They're trying to charge more money than they owe you. 
  3. Photoman
    This is all about music not no android 5.0
  4. Joe-Siow
    Makers have the freedom to charge what they feel is worth of their products. Consumers have the freedom not to purchase the products, and go for others.
    I cannot speak for the other members here, but I sure am tired and sick of your "opinion" on the DAP market. For what it is worth, perhaps you are better off sticking with your Samsung Note 4 and quitting this forum.
    Apologies if this post irks you, but I really had to post my piece.  
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  5. oldmate
    Nobody has even heard this newcomer as yet so to read the opinions of some members here as to how good it will be is pure speculation and quite frankly absurd yet it comes as no great surprise considering who are singing the praises of this yet to be heard DAP.
  6. BartSimpson1976
    I have listened to the Questyle QP1R which doesn't have Android, WiFi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen and all this stuff.
    It has a scrollwheel which is so unprecise that it drove me nuts during testing
    and it has an UI which seems to be developed by monkeys on dope. It cost 899 USD. I will probably buy it!
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  8. Cagin
    yet they at least managed to include the bottom left and right keys to scroll up or down by a full display page... Still waiting for a Fiio firmware to do that same thing. :rolleyes:

    I gave up on wishing for an accelerating scrolling
  9. Yubacore
    Price looks to be about right, ONKYO will probably be priced in the $1000 area then. I really want this one to live up to expectations on sound quality!
  10. Replicant187

    i don't get why they don't just ditch the unprecise scroll wheel.
    my X5ii is much easier to navigate with just buttons.
  11. gr8soundz
    Subbed. Salivating over this DAP: separate internal board, dual dacs, balanced output.......
    Gonna have to unload other DAPs to make room. Just got the AK Jr. (was great price for open box). Jr. may be the only AK worth its price and it sounds great. Like it for reasons @Chromako mentioned: the UI. Drag and drop works, folder playback, playlists all work seamlessly. Also like the volume wheel plus navigation buttons (gotta have those from now on; tempted to get a Fiio E18 like @Hawaiibadboy for my Note 3 just for that).
    Hoping Onkyo can translate their HF Player into a great UI with folder support (best EQ ever; had my nephew install it on his phone and jaw dropped after he saw the EQ and heard the improved sound). They've got the specs and hardware covered so if the DP-X1 has the sound quality, UI, and low enough price they'll nail it. Hope it has some decent output power too.
    And the MQA support hasn't even had much attention yet......
  12. Sound Eq
    dam i want it now :)

    are there more new about exact release date, is november set or do u think it will be pushed to next year
  13. goody
    IT sure looks good
  14. Heartsmart
    [color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] I was about to order the Pioneer when I saw the Onkyo. I am aware that no one heard the new players yet. You who have deep understanding surrounding the implementation of electronics do you want to speculate in how much difference sonically the balanced Onkyo makes when running unbalanced compared with Pioneers single setup. Right now I have no balanced headphone. By my understanding so far it seems that the general difference between the players is about the balanced to unbalanced implementation when it comes to hardware. Again, everything at this point is speculation.[/color]
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