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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. meegja
    Yes. I have the EU model and the Variable Line Out Mode is in the Sound part of the menu. When set to On, the volume is just fine.
    Just in case: the Fixed Line Out Mode should be Off.
  2. loungecat
    Hi all.
    Can someone help me please. I have ordered myself an audio-Gd, NFB11. 28, headphone amp. I want to use the Dp-x1 as my input source.
    As I use tidal as my music library, is anyone in here using the same setup, Can you tell me how you have it connected?
    The amp has several inputs, Usb, coax and Optical
    If anyone can set me straight, it would be greatly appreciated :smile_phones::smile_phones:
  3. DBaldock9
    The DP-X1 has three types of output:
    1.) Digital - USB (configurable in the music playing apps)
    2.) Analog - 3.5mm TRS (Single-ended) and 2.5mm TRRS (Balanced)
    3.) Bluetooth - aptX

    If you've got an external USB DAC that you want to use, then it should be easy to connect a USB cable from your DP-X1 to the DAC, and play your music.
  4. loungecat
    Hi Dbaldock.
    Yes I think Usb is the way to go, unfortunately using tidal,and '' usb audio player pro''it will only play streamed music, no Offline content, which is OK I guess
    I sent a support email to the developer.
    He replied saying, that it was quite buggy to use with the Onkyo Dp-x1. Can you confirm this?
    Otherwise maybe I need another music input source
    Thank you for your reply
  5. DBaldock9
    If you're concerned with using the Tidal feature of UAPP, you can download and install the actual Tidal Android app on your DP-X1.
    I haven't tried Tidal, since they focus on modern popular music that doesn't interest me at all (my preference is Traditional Celtic and Renaissance Festival music; and classic Christian Music).
  6. Teppka
    As mentioned by DBaldock9 Onkyo DP-X1A runs on Android 5.x which means you can go to the playstore and download native Tidal app and have all it's features including download to SD card. I don't use Tidal but Spotify and it's worth mentioning that to download music to external storage Spotify recognizes only 1st microSD card but not the second.

    So I use first microSD card to download music from Spotify and second to store my (FLAC DSD PCM etc) library. If you have only one microSD card it will work just fine to both store your library and download from your streaming services.

    As a side note, stock player syncs from both microSD slots while version of USB music player currently on Playstore syncs first microSD slot only. I emailed to support of USB music player and they sent me a download link to the .apk version which I am yet to try.

    Hope this helps.
  7. loungecat
    Yes it does ,however I do have the Tidal App installed on my Dp-X1 and have tidal offline downloading to my Sd card.

    I have added the comment form Davy ,from Extreamsd........

    Thank you for contacting us. In theory, yes. The Onkyo/Pioneer DAP's
    however do have a somewhat problematic USB implementation and I don't know whether that only has effect when the DAP is used as a DAC, or also
    when connecting a USB DAC to the DAP.

    Basically just wondering really does anyone have any problems Streaming Tidal through USB. Is it problematic? Just want to iron out the teething problems before my amp arrives.
    I do have a Laptop as well, that will be a Usb connection i guess to my amp.
    Cheers for you feedback Gentleman, I'm still getting my head around this enjoyable Hobby.
  8. DBaldock9
    As far as I know, being able to use the DP-X1 as an external USB DAC has never been implemented.
    It may have been hinted-at, when the DP-X1 was introduced back in 2016 (or it could have just been on a wishlist from posters here on Head-Fi).
    But, you can stream data out of the USB port, to an external USB DAC.
  9. ngocphien102
    My DP X1 have been FRP lock, anyone know how to unlock ? pls help me
  10. Teppka
    Now that you guys asked I connected my DP-X1A to my portable head phone amplifier Oppp HA-2SE and can confirm the following:

    1. it connects just fine
    2. DP-X1A keeps controlling volume over USB. I would assume you will need tocput it on Max to keep it controlling through DAC.
    3. Spotify works just fine
    4. Stock player recognizes USB DAC and lists its model name, supported frequencies and informers whether or not device may support direct DSD streaming.

    So yes, I believe it will connect to your portable DAC too and Tidal should work just fine.

    But I wander why would you decide to buy a portable DAC, your DP-X1A could drive the cans you have?
  11. loungecat
    Just thought I would chime in I have schitt magni 3 driving my Audeze Lcd-2c, but looking at upgrading the headphone amp to Audio Gd NFB 11. 28
    However Dp-x1 is my music source at the moment :smile_phones::darthsmile:
  12. meegja
    I know it is of personal taste but I am looking for some advise on a good wireless over-ear headphone for my DP-X1. Did some research but the amount of info is rather overwhelming :p
    Noise canceling is not needed. Soundwise I like a more neutral signature like my Dunu DK-3001 IEM's. Costs around 400-500 Euro (or less of course :D ) and available in Europe (so no Allibabba or whatever they are called :p )
  13. Teppka
    I can say for B&W PX. Wireless, even though they support aptx HD codec, they just don't get loud enough. Only through the cable can you get their potential. Also due to the reasons I can't understand they have significant noise the moment you connect the cable to 3.5mm of DP-X1A.
  14. meegja
    Thanks for the suggestion!!
    I know with cable it always will be better :)
    Did read some about it and they talk about the Android app for this set. Do you know if that is required or can these kind of headsets also be connected without an app for it? So just pairing it and that's it?
  15. Teppka
    You don't need an app to connect and use PX. Just a Bluetooth pairing will do. App is used for firmware updates and tweaks of noise isolation for various modes.

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