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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. edsz14
    Did you try the TWRP version compiled with new kernel ? See https://github.com/efenex/TWRP_Rai_Zin_32 .
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  2. vgrumo
    Hello edsz14,

    Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of this update !
    I'll try this new recovery image asap.
  3. theofruitrouge
    Hi @Everyone,

    I gathered many stuff from this thread (OTA, TWRP and some tricks) in a small website hosted on Gitlab pages accessible through http://dp-x1.tk/ and http://xdp-100r.tk/
    I hope this will be useful for all owners.
  4. howdy
    Anyone hear of a new DP-X?. I see there is a new DP-S10 version. I like the feel of the bigger X players.mine is still going strong but it would be nice to see a new one with new stronger jacks.
  5. KuroKitsu
    My local shop had the X1A on listed as having a price cut and I went into take a look, turns out he sold the last one a couple days before I went. Word was that Onkyo had informed dealers that a sucessor was coming. No idea when though.

    That said, I'm planning to pull the trigger on the X1A on my next payday (Hopefully they don't sell out in 10 days) and had some questions for the folks here:
    1. What I understand is the X1 and X1A are fundamentally the same device with some incremental hardware improvements, and that the 1.37.8 vtx custom firmware twrp listed here for the X1 would work with the X1A?
    2. The vtx custom firmware inddicates root and debloated. What method is used for root? Magisk or something older? Whats been removed in terms of debloat? I hope Google Play access is still there.
    3. Assuming I can flash vtx firmware onto a X1A, can I simply use adb to boot into TWRP, flash the firmware and proceed from there?
  6. DBaldock9
    If you search for the terms fastboot or adb in this thread, you should find several posts, with downloads & directions for rooting the DP-X1 or DP-X1A.
  7. KuroKitsu
    Thanks! I saw those posts about using adb and fastboot to get in to TWRP and root. I much rather flash the vfx custom firmware to avoid jumping through mutliple hoops if I can, but most folks here seem to have the X1 and not the X1A. The last time I rooted a android device and tried to debloat, I ended up having to reflash stock, so I'd prefer to avoid that.
  8. Helios909
    Please please please can someone help me out with this. I thought I had figured something out, but now it's baffling me again as I can't recreate what I'd done. When I copy new files to the device, using xdaplink or not, when I open up the default music player, there is no option to play most recently added files. Somehow before I figured out a way to create a playlist of a folder, that had old and new files in it, and the playlist magically ordered newest to oldest. I can't make it do this again. I hate having to sort my music into a "newly added" folder so I can just listen to the newly added stuff. Is there a way anyone knows with the default player to make a playlist, or just play files in the order of newest to oldest? I'd be so forever grateful if you could help me out with this... thank you in advance.
  9. DBaldock9
    Looking around in the Settings, and on the Tabs in the app, I don't see any options to select "recently added files."
    Was it part of a previous version of the app?
  10. Helios909
    No there was never an option. I'm using an original un-updated version regardless. I had previously figured out a way to make a new playlist where it had somehow sorted the files in that order but I have spent quite a while trying to duplicate this and it's not worked ever again. I can't believe they wouldn't incorporate that option - every android music player I've ever used has that ability. I had hoped I was missing something.
  11. Teppka
    Hi guys. My new X1A just arrived and I gave it a try with my Oppo PM1 and PM3 using both stock player and Spotify. Even bringing the volume to 160max it was about 20% not enough till the level I'd want to go. Was using 3.5mm stock cable. My Oppo HA-2SE drives them without issues till the level I can't bear.

    My question is is there a way to increase gain or volume by tweaking settings or using another player? I also have USB Audio Player Pro and am wandering if it has similar settings.

    I also ordered 2.5 balanced cable and I wander if it will increase tge volume a little considering X1A will then be using both DACs?
  12. Teppka
    Hello, did it increase total volume?
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes it did.
  14. howdy
    I had the PM3s and on high gain there was plenty of power even more so with balanced. Make sure your on the highest gain setting.
  15. Teppka
    Excuse my dumb question but could you direct me how to adjust gain on X1A?

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