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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. addyg
    No, the shielding is always done like that. Even the new dps1a(small brother) Onkyo factory added shielding plate for battery and changed the capacitors.
  2. howdy
    Just did the onkyo update, it seems its just for the Somos gear but hopefully it fixes my issue with the auto music start as soon as my IEMs are put in.
  3. whitemouse
    How do you carefully unplug a headphone jack from DAP? What should I do differently than simply unplugging? Serious question, btw, I'd like to learn
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  4. addyg
  5. Matrix Petka
    The same as my DPX1 balanced output broke. Common issue for Onkyo, I think. Shame!
  6. TheNoose
    So can we summarize DIY and Shops who can repair this socket issue?

    Romi Audio HK
    Onkyo USA ok
    Onkyo Japan not so responsive

    Epoxy and J-Weld are mentioned
    Here's my cheap "fix" for the delicate 2.5mm jack on the X1 (A, B, whatever). I took a piece of 1/16" thick thermoform ABS, cut it so it would slip between the X1 and the case and bent it with a hairdryer. I route the cord out the side through a small drilled hole (with a slice that I can bend to open it up). The short cord is the Amazon YCS 2.5mm TRRS extension. Cheap and right-angled. With this, I can put the X1 in my pocket jack side down. Then my pocket keeps the cord from moving, as does routing the cord through the small hole. The net result is almost no stress on the jack ever. And if I switch headphones, I do it on the cheap extension. The whole "fix" cost about 10 USD. More than worth it for some extra peace of mind. I totally babied my X1A for 7 months before the jack broke. I built this when I got the player back from factory repair. Post #15160
    I found the following page when Google around :

    Other options:
    Last chance is find a seller in Japan and send it back. Onkyo japan is known to replace easy to save the trouble. I remembered one guy dropped his unit to unrecoverable and still got warranty by Onkyo japan.
    I got my X1A back from Japan about two weeks ago after warrantee repair of the 2.5mm jack.
    When it returns, the "dongle" you see will be the only plug I ever insert in the 2.5 mm jack. I won't take it out. Post #15011
    Onkyo Forum http://forums.onkyousa.com/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=850a5d17ec9e1c54092ff971adefc7df
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  7. addyg
    It is not the same. It broke due to external force that rip apart the plastic housing.
  8. DBaldock9
    I like the idea of adding an extension to the case, to protect the audio jacks.
    Several of my friends do custom leather-work, and may be able to assemble an extended case design that I've sketched out.

    That link to livingwithanerd.com, now goes to a parked domain, and not an actual web site.
  9. maddib
    Yes and no. Overall, I can't hear any differences when it comes to SQ. But - with 1.80 we can use audio over USB output again .
  10. whitemouse
    Thank you for the link to HK repair shop.

    I just spoke to them, they replace the output sockets, so after their repair it is safe to breath near Onkyo DP X1, and it's safe to plug/unplug headphones, since they install regular sockets, sockets that every other player and phone in the world uses (except Onkyo)

    My sockets are not loose, they are not broken off solder joints from circuit board. Ibasso DX50 often had that issue, all that was holding headphones socket in place were 3 solder joints. Of course they broke loose at slightest pressure from headphone plug. But to solder the socket back took 4 minutes with Ibasso DX50, it was designed to be easily disassembled.

    Onkyo sockets don't come loose from circuit board, the 3.5mm sockets' 3 internal contacts become 'tired' over very short time, and these 3 metal strips fail to make contact w headphone plug. As simple as that.
    Onkyo must have gone to great lenght to locate sockets of such quality.
    So now you understand why it doesn't matter if you used X1 as portable player, or it lived on your desk, sockets fail on their own, all you have to do is plug in your headphones.
    This is outrageous failure from a company such as Onkyo. Worse, they don't own up, like cowards they ignore emails, phone calls.
    Shame, Onkyo! You are a joke of a audio company!
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  11. anyworld1209
    Hey guys. What do you think about Cowon Plenue 1? There is a dude want to trade it for my Dp-x1. Should i do it?
  12. addyg
    Thanks for sharing!
  13. kfarndog
    I used to have the DP-x1 and P1 and, still have / use the P1. In short, both are excellent sounding DAP with an edge to the Cowon for me. It comes down to the bells and whistles. The Onkyo does lots of things pretty well - the Cowon does one thing great.

    The items I suggest you look at are: do you use balanced output; do you need a line out; do you use equalization at all; and do you just listen to music only off a SD card or streaming? Oh also, are your Onkyo jacks crapping out? :)
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  14. anyworld1209
    I dont know how to use EQ nor need a line out. And his device seem pretty old.. I think i'll stay with DP-x1 for a while. Thank you :)
  15. Thomas De Brito
    Just wondering does the acrylic fix work if your jack is already loose and not working. I'm going to buy the product second hand and maybe i'll be able to fix it

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