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Where did you replace them from? I'm avoiding random Chinese ebay sellers as I can't tell the quality (I expect an aftermarket 'chrome' back to be poor looking!)

I found this, looks quite accurate to the original back cover... I don't think you can get original back covers without salvaging it from other iPods.
I'm getting this soon Ive seen a tutorial where you can use fine sandpaper to give it a brushed aluminium finish which imo looks really original.
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I managed to find someone at work that would trade their 7th gen 160 for my 6th gen 160.  I also managed to butcher the hell out of case opening it up.  I ordered a new one but dread the fact that I may need to open it up again in the future.  Is there something I can do to this new case that will let it stay together securely and also open it easily at the same time?  Maybe remove a couple of those metal tabs?  Anyone else try this?
You can flatten some of the metal tabs so it's easier to open the iPod again in the future.
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Quick question for anybody who has done a SSD (or SDHC) mod for their iPod classic.
I have a 7G 160GB that I bought new just before they were discontinued.  I bought it because the 7G 160GB I was using for 3 years prior had got really glitchy at loading music, which I assumed was the HDD going bad (also sometimes the entire HDD would just "empty" itself and I'd have to reset the device, format the disk, and resync all my music to it).  Unfortunately the new one I bought started glitching (in a different way) also after owning it only a month.  Again I suspect this is related to a crappy HDD.  Basically if I go try to play some album that I haven't played in a while, the first track will take a very long time to load, and then possibly not even load and skip on to track 2 or 3.  But if I retry the first track enough times, it will eventually load.  And then after that I can replay the album as many times as I want.  But it will start all over again when I switch to some new album.  It is as if the HDD cannot easily handle moving the read head to new sectors or something.
Question: has anybody else seen these issues, and does switching to a reliable SSD make them go away?  I can't think of any hardware component other than the HDD that could be responsible for this weird read behavior, and am hoping that if I undertake this mod project it will fix my iPod, but I'd be even more eager to go into it if I heard similar success stories from others first. :)  I'm hesitant to tear into this device because it is still very new, but I don't know what other options I have with them being discontinued, if I sent it back to Apple they'd probably just send me a refurb that had been through who knows what.  At least I know the history of all the hardware in this unit.
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Hi Guys,
I wish to complain 2600mAh battery: eBay item number is 221574665219.
1. Battery is compatible with iPod 5th Gen? (title of lot says: for iPod 6th Gen, but I think this is a mistake).
2. Battery is compatible with Tarkan iFlash-SSD adapter?
I have iPod 5.5th Gen with thick back panel.
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Currently syncing up my 256GB iPod Mini!!!

noodles, what generation is your ipod mini 1st or 2nd? Also what 256gb compact flash card are you using

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