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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. morefilling
  2. morefilling
    What's the model number of the toshiba 256GB hard drive?
  3. cmarti
    He meant the 240GB Toshiba MK2431GAH hard drive
  4. DMinor
    Got this Mushkin 480GB mSATA. Took out the Crucial 480GB from the adapter and put in this Mushkin, it gave me the sad face. Put back in the Crucial and everything is fine.
    I guess I need to have this Mushkin formatted. Any other ideas? Is it possible after a restore the adapter is only recognized by that mSATA drive?
  5. cmarti
    I don't think so because I have actually swapped the Crucial 480gb card with the Crucial 256gb and a cheap 30gb mSATA card without even removing the mSATA to ZIF adapter from the ipod and it booted fine with all three cards.
    I would try to have it formatted first.
    Maybe like this.
  6. DMinor
    Yeah that's what I thought. Need to get an adapter to format this thing. Thought the Mushkin would just go straight to restore like the Crucial and MyDigitalSSD.
    EDIT: just ordered this adapter now have to wait impatiently. :frowning2:
  7. mototechRyan
    Has anyone had any luck getting a msata ssd with adapter to work in a 120gb ipod classic(not sure what generation it is??? it plays video so I think it's a 6.5???)? I have the sd card adapter from Tarkan, but the 128gb Kingston sdxc card keeps getting corrupted after the first sync with iTunes. So I'd like to try the extra msata ssd's I have lying around.
    I have a 64gb msata SSD and a crucial 256gb msata ssd that I plan to try with an adapter from amazon. Just curious if anyone has had any luck with the 120gb video ipod classic?
  8. cmarti
    Tarkan is working on a solution for the iPod Classic., we just need to wait patiently.

  9. evanft
    Has anyone put together a good FAQ or guide for upgrading iPods to SSDs? Like what drives are compatible, whether you have to use Rockbox, etc.?
    I'm really interested in getting a used ipod and throwing a big SSD in it to keep in my car, but the information on how to do this is spread out among many posts and forums. It's difficult to get a handle on what exactly can be done and how to do it.
  10. zzffnn

    @ cmarti,

    I am not sure how Tarkan's new adapter can work with a 3TB hard drive, unless he uses a large 3.5" SATA adapter along with a large external battery (or external wall wart). With 1.5 TB, a medium sized 2.5" SATA can be used - it is still difficult to get >6 hrs of battery life without external battery/power though.

    Tarkan mentioned better power saving and stability than mSATA. So I assume: 
    1) Tarkan is talking about portable use (battery instead of wall wart);
    2) Tarkan knows about BeyondWind's Rockbox patch (BWRB) and that ~500GB  mSATA SSD can run stably for >8 hrs under BWRB?

    I could not image how Tarkan can portably run a 1.5TB SATA drive for more than 8 hrs. I would love to believe that though - I would be one of the first to jump onto it if it works!

    Tarkan was using wall wart and stock Apply firmware (he said he would try Rockbox but have not) with his 1TB iPod:
  11. cmarti
    He knows about BeyondWind's patch, I don't know which card he is using at the moment. I wasn't even aware that there are mSATA drives our there that are bigger than 1TB.
    He will send me one of the test adapters with the condition of returning it at the end of the test. I will try BeyondWind's Rockbox with the adapter to see how much it improves.
  12. zzffnn
    Currently there is no mSATA SSD that is bigger than 1TB. AFAIK Samsung EVO is the only 1TB mSATA SSD available (all others are 512GB or less).
    cmarti, please kindly comment:
    Is Tarkan aware that:
    1) 500GB mSATA SSD can run for >8 hrs with BWRB and 5.5 gen (with good battery)?
    2) From BeyondWind's statement, it seems that all we need for 1TB mSATA is a better ZIF-mSATA adapter (generic mSATA adapters may not be able to provide stable power to a 1TB drive) and maybe better battery.
    If Tarkan is not aware of the above info, I would contact him and provide a summary. If Tarkan can make a better ZIF-mSATA adapter, that would be great.
    Do you know if Tarkan's upcoming adapter is 2.5'' SATA, 3.5'' SATA or mSATA (where it connects to hard drive)?
    It is hard to believe that Tarkan is using 2.5'' SATA or anything bigger (battery life / portability may suffer).
  13. originalsnuffy
    Rockboxing my 5.5g machine has definitely given my unit a new lease on life. We, I should say (re-)rockboxing the unit as it was rockboxed once a few years ago. The latest version of Rockbox is far superior to what I had tried before.
    The original batteries on the unit work better than I realized, so I may not open the unit up and mod if quite yet. Plus I am still considering whether I should throw money on a new Fiio X3 instead, or perhaps wait for the X1.
    I do appreciate all the help.
  14. evanft
    Will the 160 GB hard drive from the 7th gen (MK1634GAL) work on a 30 GB 5/5.5 gen?
    It looks like buying a 30 GB 5th gen and upgrading the HDD with the 7th gen 160 GB is cheaper than trying to use a 128 GB SD/CF solution. I know SD/CF has its advantages, but given that I'm just going to throw this in my car, maybe it isn't worth it. The 160 GB hard drive is $65 on eBay, while the cheapest 128 GB CF card is $105, and then you need an extra adapter. So you're easily at $50 more for CF than a HDD. 

  15. Peridot
    Post #2729 is a good starting point ...
    evanft likes this.
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