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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. dr408517
    Because I am testing a lot of iPod batteries recently, I started keeping an old iPod V5.0 with an 8g CF card in a Tarkan free as a means to charge batteries.  Everyday I charge batteries with this iPod, just in case I run into issues with complete battery discharge (which has happened very regularly since I started running stress testing on the 480g and the TeraPods).  If not for this "battery charging ipod" I would not be able to run the tests I've conducted in the last two weeks.
    Remove the adapter from the computer only after shutdown. If you remove while the power is on, the chip will lock and cannot be restored in iTunes.
    I am really surprised the slim battery works.  I think my next build will be a U2 Thin TeraPod - just because I can.
  2. cmarti
    The battery came out of a 7th gen iPod, so far it's the only one I have been able to depend on. I had a six hours flight week and a half ago and the iPod battery never depleted completely with heavy use.
  3. originalsnuffy
    With regard to the ipod, you are correct that it has a 30 pin connector.  However, it only seems to work properly on older, higher voltage devices like my older Sony clock radio.
    My new obsession is to use my iphone with a camera connecting kit to a Fiio E07 Andes, which can handle up to 24 bit and 96 khz.  So that bypasses pretty much everything in the phone.
    I imagine that I can do the same with the old ipod?
    I know there is a great following for modding this unit, and I do understand the Wolfson advantage and now I understand the 64gb advantage. I presume in my case that I would want to upgrade the screen, battery, and storage device.  Is that correct?
  4. cmarti
    I think that your iPod has a bad battery, the ram is 64mb and not 64gb. How much storage you want in your 5.5th iPod? Also you can still find the enhanced 5.5th screen on eBay, I paid like $15 for it a year ago.
  5. originalsnuffy
    My bad.  It has 64 mb not 64gb; you are correct.
    Right now the unit has 80 gb; I suppose if I were to mod the unit the minimum would be to update the screen and the battery; but everyone else here is increasing the hard drive or SSD space so why miss out on the fun?
    With regard to charging it; I am pretty sure it needs firewire level voltage which I think is 12 V, not 5V like current generation machines.
  6. cmarti
    How long the battery last when you unplug it from the firewire cable?
  7. DMinor
    Mayeb this adapter with USB3?
    So far, I have not come to the need for a reformat, but you never know when I start shifting things around.
    BTW Dr., please try this Mushkin 480GB mSATA and let us know how it performs. [​IMG]
    I am a little confused here. Are you saying after the battery was fully drained it wouldn't charge from the same ipod? Also you may want to try moving the whole thing (the adapter and the mSATA) next time if you decide to shift it from ipod to ipod.
  8. cmarti
    Exactly, not sure if it was already drained but when I put everything together thee battery was at 0%. I didn't move the mSATA card and adapter because the purpose was to test if the mSATA card could be recognized byt the mSATA working iPod. The one from Alibaba bit the dust :mad:
  9. DMinor
    Hmm ...  that's puzzling. Maybe when you get a new mSATA card then give that Alibaba one more fresh try. This thing may be fussy, if not defective yet.
  10. cmarti
    I have another mSATA card, it's 30gb and the Alibaba card din't work with it either. I left the iPod charging overnight after it ran out of battery prematurely (Using cheap 850mAh battery) and when I tried it the next morning it was no longer working.
  11. DMinor
    Man that sounds like defected unless a reformat will do. I am wondering if there was any over heat which destroyed the card.
    BTW, I tried last time with the BLUE Type 2 adapter and it actually asked for restore. But I didn't go any further because it won't fit anyway. The Type 1 will probably work with the mSATA facing up not down.
  12. cmarti
    I managed to score another mSATA to ZIF adapter eBay for $4 shipped, I will use a 128gb CF card in the iPod until I get the adapter. I never managed to have the iPod recognize the blue adapter
  13. DMinor
    I wonder if there is a sudden buildup of extreme heat that could potentially kill the adapter. That extreme heat could be the combination of heat-prone msata drive like the Crucial and a bad battery.
    At this point, my suggestion is to get the Miliamp 850 mAh battery and recharge before letting the battery completely drained. Since I got the Miliamp, the msata mod has been acting normally and flawlessly. At one point, I noticed the ipod was still playing with only 2% battery reserve indicated by RB.  Before I got the Miliamp, the ipod shut off at 30% or even more battery reserve.
    I may give that Mushkin 480GB mSATA a shot when I run out of GB's in the future.
  14. DR650SE
    What is the LCD upgrade? Never read about that.

    Sent from my SGH-I897 using Tapatalk
  15. cmarti
    He meant replacement, the colors are fading on the iPod screen.
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