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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. audioops
    I believe you're the first person who has heard both to report favouring the Roxannes. If it's not too much to ask, could you type a sentence or two on how you think they differ/compare, or what you like more about the Roxannes?
  2. tupac0306
    Roxanne sounds warm, overall quite balanced. The sound signature, specially the mid and treble resemble my JH13 FP and JH16 non FP to a very large extent. Before I get my roxanne, I heard that roxanne is more mid centric compared to the JH13 FP. This is not true to my ears, although JH13 sounds brighter. Actually roxanne's mid range is a little bit more laid back compared to JH13. JH13 is more forward, but the combination of the forwardness and imbalance of mid and sub bass prevents me from enjoying the bass of JH13, I am glad that roxanne doesn't have that problem. My JH16 non - FP (with Twag) can produce similar type of bass as the Roxanne with 70% bass gain, but with more clarity and air in the presentation. Anyways, what I am trying to say here is if you already JH13 or 16 and wish to buy another CIEM, roxanne is not for you IMO unless you want adjustable bass alone, because it's definitely not a upgrade over 13/16 to my ears.
    One thing bothers me the most is the treble extension of JHA. I just don't hear it.not in JH16, not in JH13 certainly not in roxanne either..where is the super extended treble everybody is talking about.....
    In contrast, K10 is more accurate and neutral. The mid and treble are so much linear compared to roxanne's. In detail, K10's mid/upper mid is more forward giving you more emotion and fullness of the music, in terms of vocal position, body and brightness. Roxanne has up and downs above 2K Hz here and there. K10 has a little hump too at lower treble region (but very little), same as JHA product, but the clarity, imaging, transparency, micro detail and resolution is greater than roxanne due to the better/linear treble extension. So it doesn't give you the feeling that instruments are thrown all to your face rather than a well balanced presentation through the whole spectrum region. K10, a musical/smoother IEM actually sounds a little bit brighter than roxanne.
    To me, accuracy is the key to enjoy music (providing the music is well mastered). In this regards, K10 surpasses roxanne for me.
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  3. OK-Guy
    it is a nice haul but they all leave Monday unfortunately... I probably won't see them again. [​IMG]
    still think of the positives... I get a home-demo. [​IMG]
  4. OK-Guy
    Tupac... how did you find the Hugo with IEM's.
  5. OK-Guy
    not speaking for the Wizard... my personal experience is a big 'yes', my N5's love a bit of extra juice.... I've never owned a iThingy so bear that in mind.
  6. tupac0306
    HUGO sounds very neutral to my ears with a touch of warmth. However it was too noisy in the show to come up with any accurate impression :wink:
  7. zachchen1996
    sounds like a perfect match for my nt6 pros :)
  8. tupac0306
    Yep, I think so, bring out the mid a little more :wink:
  9. FullCircle
    That is like asking if I recommend "ice" with water.  Sure the water is fine without ice....   but adding ice brings about a better experience (generally speaking & opinions may vary)
    I use an amp at least 90% of the time when listening to my gear, the other 10% of the time I'm probably listening to a recorded book:)
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  10. Watagump
    Even milk is better with ice, I want my cold beverages really cold.
  11. matthewh133
    Nice one, thanks for your thoughts [​IMG]
  12. OK-Guy
    ohhh my I'm in love with my ZX1 and... [​IMG]
  13. wickson
    Whoa... Milk n ice? I equate that to beer n ice...no good.
    Pro tip, lower your refrigerator temperature :)
  14. Headiest
    Beer and ice is a travesty, but have you ever had ice flakes in whole milk from low fridge settings?  Amazing.
    It sucks that the ZX-1's don't come with warranty's state-side.  Gotta look at alternatives.  I hate to say it, but the Fiio X5 grabbed my attention.  It's supposed to be pretty neutral.  I'd like to see a comparison to the DX100 and 901.
  15. OK-Guy
    expect an announcement next month, I reckon.
    the ZX1 pairs real well with the 8C... I'm real impressed, I would dish out some gut wrenching superlatives but I'll keep it simple.
    I like it a lot Boss... [​IMG]
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