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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. vantt1
    If I could locate the pair that I used to have, I'd also have some side-by-side comparison pictures.
  2. Jeso
    Has Yamaha come out and say anything in the matter? It looks ridiculous to me that they wouldn't even try that? and whats with the add lol? its like on your face mocking Monster. 
  3. talisman42

    yeah. maybe they should just settle for 50 cent
  4. Incompetency
    The parent company of Beats, Monster, sues anyone who brands their merchandise with the term "monster."
  5. Golden mark
    d=.=b  what are different between two headphone?
  6. Hutnicks

    Monster is not the parent of Beats. They had an agreement to manufacture for Beats which ended some time ago. Beats new "parent" may well be Apple. In which case you can look forward to lawsuits galore.:)
  7. GREQ
    First wait for the ridiculous patents to be filed, that's always a good laugh.
  8. JapPhonoPhil
    Talking about Beats and Japanese companies.
    They have just released Japanese Limited Edition "Samurai Studio V2" Model to support Samurai Blue fans.
    Can't post pictures yet, so will just leave a link here: http://news.kakaku.com/prdnews/cd=kaden/ctcd=2046/id=39382/
  9. vantt1
    Darn, just as I got the boring matte black ones...
  10. cb3723

    Don't worry - I got the garish bright yellow Brasil 2014 World Cup edition of Studios - just to wind up the audio snobs that shamelessly slag beats cans off without a care that it could be viewed as offensive to people that actually appreciate beats cans for what they are, and make their own informed decision to buy beats or not (takes a big gasp of air) :D


    You know what?

    I like Beats cans - a lot, but many here do not, and there's no problem with that.

    But the constant slagging off of beats is pretty brutal - "I laugh at people with those things on their heads" - whaaat?

    I've just caught myself there before I go completely off topic, so my apologies, let me get back on topic - I'll just need a moment to compose myself and take a couple of anti-rant pills.........ahem...

    So, isn't this Beats Vs Yamaha thing not settled already?

    The Yamaha's have been available for quite a while now.

    I do like the design of the Yamaha cans, because they look like beats - which I also like, so I'm not even interested in these two global players duking things out in the courts.

    The reviews of the Pro500 have particularly peaked my interest and I'm going to audition a pair to see just how good they are. I think they are also priced similarly to beats studio's also.

    I'm amazed if this legal battle is still going on as it's been a couple of years now since it all started?
  11. vantt1
    Any pics of it out of the box?
  12. cb3723

    Coming shortly - I'll put them up on my album in gallery :)
  13. ruthieandjohn

    I have a pair of the Yamaha Pro 500s coming to me, and I already have the Beats Pro and Beats Studio 2013s. I plan to post a three way review using the 10 systematic comparison tests that I've used before, once I get them.

    And if you haven't seen it, here is the Yamaha ad that spawned the lawsuit...

  14. cb3723


    That Yamaha ad pretty much tells the tale of what's what - clearly Yamaha have done as much provoking with that ad in a calculated marketing exercise to increase their cans awareness through publicity this court action has produced.

    There is no way Yamaha could put out such an ad and not expect court action instigated by beats to quickly follow, but beats will also no doubt know Yamaha's game but don't really have any option but to play the game that's almost like pantomime theatre.

    Yamaha will likely have calculated into their overall costings any payout that a final verdict would land them with as this all looks like it was planned by Yamaha's marketing dept looking to go for a short cut in media coverage interest in reporting this beats v Yamaha legal story, which has clearly gone to plan for Yamaha as if not we wouldn't all be commenting here on a thread dedicated to it all.

    So I guess we are all but pawns being played in Yamaha's publicity game....I feel dirty! :rolleyes:

    But reading good reviews of Yamaha's cans and look forward to any first impressions you give on your Pro 500's for sure :)

    But on a different note - have you heard the expression "capitalism gone wrong"? - somebody said this regarding beats meteoric domination of the headcan market but when you think about it, Yamaha have encapsulated this term fully by knowingly exploiting the legal system by infringing on beats intellectual properties purposely for self gain.

    But who cares as long as they and other manufacturers keep churning out the headcan goodies we are drawn to and lap up?

    Now that's pretty deep - take a moment.... :D

  15. iAmCodeMonkey
    I Agree. Ignorance is bliss in the eyes of the masses. :D
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