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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. GREQ
    I love the Momentum, but at no point do I feel the bass is not enough or the vocals are 'through a curtain'. 
    Vocals are perfect to my ears. None of the usual high-mid emphasis on female vocals that ruins vocals by making them sound nasal.
    Treble is there, it's sparkly and detailed, just a little quiet. 
    Please don't trash-talk about a headphone if you havn't even spent much time with it. 
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  2. takato14
    the bass is nearly 10dB above the treble, are you insane
    its also very linear up until the bottom of the upper midrange so vocals should sound wonderful
    also this
  3. Blinxat
    Voicing an opinion is not trash talking.

    A week and half with a headphone including an 11 hour train ride is sufficient to judge it in my book.

    Do you own the headphone? Not all headphones sound like their frequency response graph suggest. I think this is true for the Momentum.

    But lets not derail the thread.

    I think the goldenears interpretation of its sonic qualities is spot on. Nothing special. Thats all.
  4. takato14
    A week and a half is not enough time to decide whether you like a headphone. I've had my Pioneer Monitor 10-II for nearly 2 months and I'm only just now starting to realize how amazing it is.
    I do not own the momentum, but I have heard it; a friend of mine has a pair. If it did anything right, it was bass and vocals. Tyll Hertsens' graphs support this.
    It was a bit slow and lacked impact, and had a little bit of reflection/resonance in the cups. The graphs support this as well. 
    I didn't think it was anything special either, but not because of the reasons you listed. I wanted more treble, better seperation, better control, and better comfort. 
    The original conversation topic of this thread was resolved a long time ago. I'm pretty sure no one cares if a couple people talk about something else here instead of making a new thread specifically for us to debate in.
  5. Blinxat
    I love Tyll's reviews! My headphone bible, but he is a sennheiser fanboy :D
  6. zorin
    Yamaha makes great motorcycles and great pianos. They should go into an ice cream business too.
  7. Hutnicks

    They also led the competive archery world for years until they decided to get out. Their bows are the stuff of legends and fetch a fortune today.
  8. zorin
    If Beats are suing Yamaha, what are they going to do about these new 'rip-offs' ?
    Syllable G04 Noise Cancellation DJ Dynamic Headphones
    CNP-8803 Professional HD Folding Style Headphones [...all for 12 dollars and 31 cents, including shipping. The mailing would cost like 10 dollars; that means these headphones are worth about 2 dollars. The materials, the manufacturing costs, the transport/distribution costs and the retail cut of the price would take almost everything from the remaining 2-3 dollars. Now what kind of a driver, costing pennies, is in these headphones, what kind of sound does it make ? The sales pitch says "professional" and "High Definition" sound]
  9. vantt1
    Nothing! Beats can't do anything about those (not new) knock-offs. If a factory closes down, another will quickly take its place. Tough luck, since the Syllables are pretty much 1:1 A grade replicas of the real thing, just without the red b logo. People only pay for that logo anyway, so Beats probably doesn't see the point in spending time and money to do something about it.
    The Professional HD folding ones are probably D grade replicas that only look the part, and use low quality plastic (even for the hinges that are meant to be stainless steel) and super thin wiring.
    In terms of the speaker driver, the A grades will have something similar to the ones pictured on the left, and the D grades will have something similar to the ones pictured on the right.
    The A grade drivers have a thicker, denser diaphragm and a larger, stronger neodymium magnet. They also have an overall better build quality than the D grade ones. Some A grade replicas even replicate the ANC circuit, complete with bass boost and dual electret condenser mics for the ANC, but because they don't use Monster's titanium coated drivers, they generally sound better than the originals.
    The D grades, jokes aside, do not sound better than the genuine article. They lack detail (even Beats' selective detailing does better; sorry, haters) and sound like they have a range of 200-10,000 Hz.
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  10. zorin
    Dr. Dre and the Beats are being sued by Monster for theft.
  11. bcschmerker4

    In which case, the ravens may have found their roost.  Monster LLC et al. v. Beats Electronics LLC et al. (Does I through XXV being reserved for persons unknown having an equitable interest in Beats Electronics LLC, HTC America Holding, and their properties), Case No. CIV 531991 in the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo, should make for a fascinating case study.  I wonder whether the United States will get involved in criminal proceedings against Defendants Young, Iovine and Wachter, resulting in the case being moved into a U. S. District Court?
  12. SmOgER

    Interesting, frankly I had no idea that Monster designed and made these headphones from scratch while Beats basically only promoted them and took all the credits... Kinda makes sense now why they sold this brand to Apple.
  13. Peeko2
    Yeah I remember finding out Monster did these and was shocked as well
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