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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. ruthieandjohn

    Look folks.... someone actually *bought* a FIAT infested with the Beats cancer...
    Is a head-fi.org intervention in order??
    (I bought the first FIAT Abarth Cabrio sold in the Great State of Michigan (headquarters of FCA fka FIAT Chrysler Automobiles. Choices at the time were the Alpine stock audio system, the Bose, and the Beats.  Why not the Bose?  It was widely described among its FIAT purchasers as being underpowered for the automobile (and lacking in bass).  Remember, the FIAT is small and admits lots of road noise... it is easy to see why extra audio power is needed.  I am delighted with my automotive Beats system in the FIAT.   I shall be proudly driving it this Saturday for five hours to the ChiUniFi headphone meet, filled with... yep... Headphones!)
  2. ruthieandjohn
    Here is the three-way comparison I promised... of the Beats Pro, the Yamaha Pro 500, and the Beats Studio 2013...
    Here is a link explaining the 10 tests and what methods and source material were used:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/723136/battle-of-the-bassys-beats-pro-yamaha-pro-500-and-beats-studio-2013-compared#post_10634722
  3. zorin
    You could have put your own player and speakers in this car, a fairly simple procedure. 
  4. vantt1
    But if one was looking for adequately powerful bass, Beats would've probably been the best option out of the three choices available, wouldn't it? 
  5. SpiderNhan
    Edited: Nevermind. I figured out the 3 choices you're talking about are the default speakers in the FIAT.
  6. Ninjiaw
    i dont think beats has anything hear because they have different demensions.
  7. vantt1
    I find that the stock audio system in a car rarely has enough bass to overcome the road noise, so even without listening to the system in the Fiat, I'd choose Beats by default solely for the heavier bass that it'd undoubtedly have. 
    Not sure if play on words or complete confusion...
  8. zorin
    Why are so many so fixated on the Beats junk ? A swindler who goes by the name Dr. Dre did not invent the bass sound, no matter what he tells everybody. Long before the Beats came on the scene the young urban subhumans have been driving around and annoying everybody with their loud extreme bass sound systems in their cars.
  9. vantt1
    I don't know, you tell me. 
    Bass isn't new, and nor did Dr. Dre invent it; Beats marketed their "Studio Sound" well, made millions, gained an army of fans, and drew the attention of everyone else with it. You can easily turn down the bass on any Beats hardware, and turn up the bass on any other hardware with a simple equalizer. What makes one more junk than the other? Beats were meant to be massively consumable, and ended up being much more of a lifestyle personal audio brand than, needless to say, an audiophile brand. Sure, if Beats were marketed towards the audiophile market, then it's junk. But it isn't, so simply saying it's junk is wholly unjustified. 
    Now Sony, on the other hand, takes the hit-and-miss method all too often. They gain market share by quantity, so many of their products really do end up as junk. But because they make so many different models, the outstanding few that just so happen to be quite favorable covers Sony's numerous failures in its shadow.
  10. Macedo
    Don't know if somebody already said this, but I have to say that the smartest approach to the beats market was sennheiser's approach. I can't comment on the sound because I never tried any sennheiser momentum , althought if I had to choose a product only based on looks (something I would never do!) I would go with the momentum's they are beautiful and scream quality. I think Yamaha made a mistake with the design of the pro's. This doesn't make any sense specially in a company like Yamaha, all their motorbikes are just gorgeous! They could have been smart and done an headphone based on one of their super bikes that would appeal to a larger market share and would for sure be stunning.
  11. Blinxat
    I am glad I sold it fast. It is nice to touch, elegant, seems well made, but the sound isn't on the same level. It is quite resolving but the sound has no authority, to little bass and too dry bass, vocals don't sound natural, highs meh. It has no head bobbing factor to it at all. It is not a fun sound in general. If you like vocals through a curtain maybe these are your cans.
    It is also not very efficient even though it is low ohmed.
  12. groovyd
    i think it is a shame in general that more companies don't just focus on doing one thing and doing it right.  motorcycles -and- headphones? how about motorcycles -or- headphones instead.
  13. Macedo
    Yamaha motorcycles are great 4 out of 5 motorcycles we have at home are yamahas, their musical instruments are great too from all the saxophones I ever played yamaha's are the best, for jazz at least, and the pianos are good too grand pianos and upright pianos. They make a studio monitor that is the industry standard. I don't know about their headphones never tried them, but all the Yamaha products I have used are great products.
  14. NNate
    Yamaha makes about everything you can think of.  My trumpet made by them is excellent.
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  15. kurochin
    Plus, Valentino Rossi rides Yamaha and he's way cooler than Dr. Dre. Not sure about Italian rap music though.
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