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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. streetdragon
    Because they are not big enough of a company to get the beats's attention.
  2. goodvibes
    It has to do with market share and advertising off the beats brand. Unless this is just the US Yamaha division named, I doubt they settle unless Yamaha feels it's a no win. I suspect Yamaha Japan wouldn't want to admit to it. 
  3. koiloco
    ...and what makes you all think that the Yamaha design team did not get a nod or input from their legal department even before design phase->production of these headphones?  We are talking about a company that has been around for decades here.  On the site note, beats won't get no where with this case.  They are doing this probably to scare the smaller guys.  Since they got to spend some $ on lawyer, why not get some publicity by suing a big guy, right?  Legal department's decisions from both sides. [​IMG]
  4. bcschmerker4
    I concur on Dr. Dre's long odds of winning a design-infringement case against Yamaha®.  But I can't help holding my breath not because of Dr. Dre, but due to the threat of a potential plaintiff that can take Yamaha Corporation, and the advertising firm that developed the "Dr.....who?" ads, down - the BBC!  British Broadcasting owns the "Doctor Who" trademarks and scripts, remember---and they've the wherewithal to pwn Yamaha®, should they see a blatant enough case with the ads.
  5. droido256
    Dr.who? Taken in a different context of the show. If the used a tardis, or the Dr.Who font or something else clearly showing they were using the actual show, then I don't see a lawsuit, plus knowing the BBC they would've already been after Yamaha. Then again Yamaha could've paid royalty to BBC, to use Dr.Who in their advertisement. Personally I like the ad, lol it's witty, and lol actually true.
  6. roma101

    Agreed. And once you actually hear these cans, it is a night and day difference between these and Beats. They are incredibly detailed, resolving and natural-sounding.
  7. ckeyler
    2nd that, this is ludacris
  8. koiloco

    roflmao! good one [​IMG]
    The Yammies indeed sound quite good.  I tested them out at Fry's not long ago.
  9. ozzi
    More people walking around with stupid headphones = a bigger grin in my face every morning :wink:
  10. bonami2
    Ahahah i laugh each time i see people with beat thing on there head... [​IMG]
  11. kurochin

    I had the opportunity to audition the Pro 500 model the other day, and it's probably the best sub $500 pair I've tried in recent years, sometimes punching way above it's price when the music style suited it. Not quite summit-fi level, but definitely upper tier high-fi sounding. The bass was strong but well-controlled. It could go quite low, but never got muddy or out of control with the bassy deep house and dub-techno I was listening to. The mids were really quite sweet. All this was achieved while driving it from my iPhone, no amp, no dac. Definitely a coloured sound, but not as much as you'd think, and overall a highly euphonic set of cans.
    Not the most comfortable, sadly, and I'm not really a fan of the looks either. I tried the black version, and although (imho) better looking than the blue and white version, it was still way too shiny and "loud" for my aesthetic sensibilities. If it were a bit more nondescript (like say, the Fostex Th600's matte black finish), didn't have a gigantic bright logo on the cups or big-ass wordings on the top of the headband, and was a bit more ergonomic, I'd probably have bought it. Build quality seemed quite sturdy too.
  12. roma101
    Agreed as much as I love the sound, the comfort could be better and I'm a fan of discreet, head-conforming cans. I would love it if Yamaha took these drivers and put them in a better package ergonomically speaking. I'd be all over that. Until then however, I will still be enjoying my 500s. Btw euphonic is a great word to describe them. For this reason, I find them very emotionally-involving while they still remain very detailed.
  13. derp4life
    Though I agree that Beats headphones' quality are not bad at all (but highly overpriced)...I hate the design itself so much, for me they are just the worst kind of necklace that those "cool" school kids could wear
  14. 2015071
    Commercialism sucks, so Yamaha should win.
  15. vantt1
    Yamaha was kinda asking for it. If you've seen a Yamaha Pro in real life, you would also not be able to ignore the fact that they look almost exactly like Beats. The plastic construction, tri-fold design, the headband cushion and the brackets that surround it, and the stainless steel headband extensions all look like they were taken straight from the Beats. Strangely enough, the Beats have a higher build quality than the Yamahas. At least Beats took the effort to use stainless steel brackets on either side of the headband cushion. If you compare the Beats Solo's headband extensions to the Yamaha's, you'll notice that the Solos use a much sturdier steel, but leave the cable exposed.
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