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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. tonglongjeff
    I'm keen if there is another meet as well :)
    Grom8, why not jump on the TH-X00 drop on Massdrop?
  2. Grom8
    Im going to, I heard some thx00 mahogany that will be left from the people switching to buying some thx00 purple heart because waiting 5 months for them to be made is stupid and I cant wait that long, only reason i dont buy them right now.
  3. Aiyah
    Guys, I'm getting out of the headphone game. It's just stressing me out. Selling Gumby, Mjolnir 2, maybe a ZMF Blackwood. Paid ~4000 NZD all up for the Gumby / MJ2. Will sell for $3000 + shipping for you guys to avoid Trademe fees.
  4. ShadowProject
    Awesome to find this NZ thread :D I would be super keen for a meet!
    While I am here, anyone had any experience with custom iems in NZ??
  5. Vero Golf Champ
    I wasn't sure CIEMs were even an option here.

    Defo keen to get along to a meet.
  6. Badas
    Hi Guys,
    I know it is really short notice. However the member Contrails (Rohan) and myself (Dono) are meeting up Sunday afternoon. 12PM, Takanini, Auckland location.
    If any other members want to do a mini meet then PM me. Our home can accommodate another couple of rigs (big kitchen bench. Also have 3 lounges) and about 4-5 more members. Wife approved. [​IMG]
    We will be putting the Auralic Vega through it's paces. Here is my list of equipment.
    Auralic Vega DAC
    Woo WA22. Fitted out with Nos tubes. Feed from the Auralic Vega.
    Oppo HA-1. Feed from the Auralic Vega. Balanced connection.
    Audeze LCD-X
    Audeze LCD-3C
  7. tonglongjeff
    I'm so keen, but it's too far away for short notice :/
    I hope you guys have fun though! Setup looks awesome. Being in CBD kinda sucks. Wish I had a car haha.
    Badas likes this.
  8. NZtechfreak
    Bummer, can't make it! Just getting around to thinking about organising this years meet, more info May I think.
    Badas and tonglongjeff like this.
  9. Badas
    Yeah. Sorry guys. Real short notice.
  10. NZtechfreak

    No worries, short notice better than none! Report back and take pictures!
  11. Aiyah
    I may be keen. I'll have to find out how to get in the office to pick up my Gumby / MJ2 stack on Sunday.
  12. Badas

    You are very welcome to come. Gear or not. I will PM you the address.
  13. Badas
    Just a reminder of a mini-meet in a few hours.

    In Takanini Auckland. PM me if you wish to attend.
  14. chiggah
    Anyone know a builder in Auckland who can solder/assemble/test the Bottlehead crack + speedball ?
  15. Badas
    You need to get hold of a guy called Clarry. Lives out in Titarangi somewhere. Sorry I don't know his full details.
    Repairs a lot of guitar tube amplifiers. A lot of knowledge.
    A few guys turned up yesterday. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.
    I enjoyed the HD650. Remarkable HP. very close to the LCD-X.
    A second LCD-X was also there so that was great for me to compare my tube rig with my SS rig. Tubes killed the SS. Every time.
    I gave the guys a SACD surround sound 7.3 channel demo. Judging by their faces they enjoyed.
    Hey. Forgot to say. Sorry about the drinks. I had one after everyone left. They were bloody awful. Not buying that brand again.
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