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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak
    FYI: 200gb microSD cards on sale from Amazon right now, $99.

    Also on the subject of deals, anyone going to grab the Massdrop THX00 this Friday?
  2. Aiyah

    If I can sell my TH-600 quickly, I may jump on the TH-X00 bandwagon.
  3. HelmetGuy
    That Massdrop just had to show up hours after I paid for a ZMF Blackwood LTD.
    Hopefully someone can bring the THX00 to a meet.
  4. Aiyah
    Haha, I just ordered a Blackwood today too! Going to sell the TH-600 regardless. In the end I simply couldn't bring myself to buy the Ether-C, I can't justify the additional 2000 over the Blackwoods when I'm trying to save for a wedding!
  5. NZheadcase
    Going to wait for reviews. Really, all I want to know is if there are any first run issues.
    I highly suspect the TH-X00 and my wallet are going to have a heart to heart talk next year. 
  6. NZheadcase
    Hey guys! Anyone here handy with a soldering iron? I got a balanced Audeze cable on trade-me and the right side-cable cut out 10 minutes into use. I suspect it might just be the soldering of the mini-xlr, as the headphones work well on SE. Would appreciate some good ol' kiwi assistance. :)
  7. NZtechfreak

    Not me sorry. Really must get around to learning it, would make it so much cheaper/easier if I could produce my own cables.
  8. Aiyah
    Hey gents,

    I'm looking to unload some gear, the Bifrost Multibit and TH-600. Looking for $800 for Bimby and $500 ONO for TH-600, also a Magni 2 Uber for $150.

    I really like the Bimby, so much I want to upgrade to the Gumby in anticipation of my LC coming. It definitely is on the warmer side so probably would pair well with the Ethers and HD800.
  9. NZheadcase

    you got PM!
  10. NZheadcase
    Hey guys! Letting go of a couple of Schiit PYST RCAs. They're on TradeMe if anyone is interested. There's two pairs for sale on two separate listings:
  11. piksnz
    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to sell my HD800 and Beyer T5P.

    HD800 is 3XXXX serial number.

    Looking around: $1200 for HD800 and $650 for T5P. Pm me if anyone is interested.

  12. Aiyah
    Anyone ever had to get a client code for Customs before? How long does it take to be granted one from application? I'm planning on importing a Gumby and Mjolnir and together they're over the youshop $2000 limit. Thus, I need to import it myself but over $1000 you apparently need a client code.
  13. NZtechfreak

    Takes several days, apply before you order if you can (or use Shipito).
  14. piksnz

    Need a 4pin xlr female to 6.5mm adapter. Anyone has one for sale? Or where can I get one in Auckland?

  15. designmind
    I am looking at culling my collection of audio gear in the coming weeks or so.
    If there is anyone interested, I am looking at selling my audio gd reference 10.32 - looking at $1400 (rrp was AUD$2800 from addicted to audio). Might put on TM in a couple of weeks. IMG_1143.jpg
    It is a large piece of gear that I don't use these days because of the chord hugo I have.
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