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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. Giogio
    I have those. Nice ones, need EQ though, unless you hate highs.
    If they are still under warranty you should contact them, I had a good impression of their service.
    But we may want to continue this talk in PM.
  2. Badas
    If I gave guys heaps of time. I have a large house that I could have a meet at. I should be able to accommodate about 10-12 members rigs plus my own. 
    Would there be interest?
    Members would have to bring their gear. I would arrange table space and power.
  3. Giogio
    Sounds good to me.
    Would that be in Auckland? I suppose I can travel to other cities in the weekends, but in the week it may be difficult, studying and working...
  4. CoMaNZ
    I would definitely be interested. I have a pretty modest collection of gear compared to many members but happy to bring it along.
  5. Badas

    Yes. Auckland. Takanini area.
    I would do it on a Sunday.
    Saturday is booked out with kids sports. [​IMG]
  6. CoMaNZ
    Meetup on a Sunday sounds good, I am in Papatoetoe so short drive for me to get to Takanini :)
  7. Badas
    Let me look at dates. I will confirm probably tomorrow. I will set it about 4 weeks out to let members get organized.
    I might make it that we have to bring gear. So we don't just have members just show up with nothing. More a meet. Not a show. However I will have a think and confirm.
  8. Giogio
    You seem to have overlooked the detail about me coming on 2017.
    But you guys just go on, there plenty of time to make more meetings when I am there.
    As said, I'll stay at least two years.
    If anybody is willing to help me with some tips about the most clever ways to find a decent and cheap accommodation in Auckland, a PM is welcome.
    Studying at the Unitec for a foreigner means 21000 NZD each year. Add apartment (or room) and food etc, and you know why I am panicking.
    It's basically the savings of a life plus all what I'll gain there.
    But I'll rather not eat than sell my Headphones :)
  9. Badas
    Okay. I've had a think.
    PM me if you are interested in a meet. Must bring gear. If I get 6 or more I will organize it for 4 weeks out. So everyone has time to prepare.
    I will have my rig seen here:
    I'm fairly sure I get Tony along with this rig also:
  10. Brooko Contributor
    And I can attest that the rig in question sounds gob-smackingly good :)
    Wish I wasn't so far away Badas. Next time we have a National Meet - definitely.
  11. Contrails
    Yeah I am in.  I will bring the good old LCD-X and V200 amp and Metrum Musette DAC and some music of course.
  12. Badas

    Okay. 4 more members. I will contact Tony. That should reduce it to 3 more members. [​IMG]
  13. CoMaNZ
    Wow some really nice gear guys, my stuff is very much low end/entry level but I'll bring along, no pics as am at work but can post some later.
    AKG K7XX
    Onkyo FC300
    Aiaiai TMA-2 Young Guru edition
    Takstar Pro 80
    Focal Spirit Professional
    Sennheiser HD555 (w/ 595 mod)
    Denon DA-300USB DAC/amp
    JDS Labs O2+ODAC RevA combo
  14. 62ohm

    I'm in Auckland [​IMG] Won't be able to attend the meet if it is due anytime soon, but might be able to bring my cans, amp and turntable if you guys decided to have the meet a month from now.
  15. Badas

    That's when we are looking at doing it. A month from now. If you decide to come then I just need two more.

    I have one other member who has confirmed.
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