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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. Contrails
    We are looking at moving to Wellington! 
    Auckland property market has become a joke.  We were interested in a certain property in an okay area of Mt. Roskill.  It was a brand new home.  We carried out an independent building inspection. Unfortunately, the house failed the building inspection miserably.  The frames were not lining up so the walls were not straight. "Within a season or two, cracks and leaks would become common" remarked the inspector. We obviously gave the property a miss but did attend the auction.  
    The price bracket the house expected to sell was between 1.2 - 1.3 mil.  Guess what this house sold for? 1 point 6! Yes, 1.6mil.  I am so over Auckland.
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  2. silversurfer616
    We sold our house because the council changed the recreational park in front of our house into high intensity sport fields.
    Needles to say, but we sold the house after one weekend "open home" and bought a house down here in Dunedin for a reasonable price. Auckland property market is crazy.

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  3. TonyNewman
    I have worked in MtRoskill for the past 9 years. In that time I have watched as the property values went from "inflated" to "insane".
    Madness, just madness.
  4. Badas

    Our first house in 1999 was overpriced. We purchased new at $270K. Our second in 2004 was stupidly overpriced. Purchased at $515. Almost doubled in 5 years. This house will now sell @ 1 mil to 1.1 mil. House next door just sold for 1.1 and our place is larger and nicer. We couldn't afford the house we live in now. Stupid stuff. Plus we both work in high paid jobs.
    If either one of us lost our jobs we would flee out of Auckland soooooo damn fast.
  5. TonyNewman
    Word. Cash out and run. Auckland sucks.
  6. Badas

    Yip. We have $100K of mortgage to go. If we get 1 to 1.1 mil for our place. We can buy a really nice place somewhere else and have $$'s in the bank.
    I know this is happening. There is a great flight of families going out of Auckland. Who can blame them?
    The way I figure it tho. We both have high paying jobs. We might as well stay here and take the capital gain. It just keeps going up.
    Crikey. The crap gangsta homes in Otara are now selling for $600K. Even the crap is going up.
  7. Contrails
    Drug prices should be on the rise too.  
  8. Badas
    [​IMG] [​IMG] What? To pay for their expensive real estate? I hadn't thought of that.
  9. TonyNewman
    Meth cooking / distribution might be the only way for some folks to get onto the Auckland property ladder. Heaven knows an average wage won't cut it.
  10. silversurfer616
    So they can move out of the state houses.
  11. John Cho
    Hi guys, I'm a new member on Head-Fi - only been into audio gears for about a year now.
    I'm more of an iem guy for now but still interested in anything that goes on this page!
    I noticed there isn't much about iems on this page but I hope I can contribute a little too - I've tried many iems when I travelled overseas.
    Currently, I have:
    Yamaha EPH-100
    Nuforce Primo 8
    Sony XBA Z5
    Shure Se846
    Hoping to add Inear SD4s and Fitear Parterre to the list soon
    Audio Technica ATH M50X
    Bose QC25
    Hifiman He400i
    Anyway, nice to see you guys and and hope to get involved in the future!
  12. TonyNewman
    Welcome to the party John [​IMG]
    Are you Auckland based?
  13. NZheadcase
    Welcome to the thread John. Hope to see you at the meet. 
    BTW, great collection of IEMs you got there. Been interested in the Shure for a while now.
  14. John Cho
    Thanks! and yes I am Auckland based - working in CBD.
  15. John Cho
    Yes I'd be keen if it's in Auckland.
    Yeah the se846 are the ones that I've got most recently and so far, I can confidently say that it is my favourite iem. 
    It sounds very different with different filters and ear tips though because when I first tried the demo at a store in Korea, they did not impress me (blue filters with silicon tips)
    Then a while later, I saw a really good deal online and got them so I tried out different filters and ear tips and their sound signature change noticeably and I really like the se846 with the white filters and yellow foam tips.
    I'm trying to order German Inear's sd4s and Japanese Fitear Parterre from Japan atm and keen to compare them to my 846.
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