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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. Badas
    If you don't get a replacement DAC then you should be able to get a feed from some other DAC at the meet. I want to take a listen to those HP's. My Oppo HA-1 should provide your amp a feed. I have spare unbalanced.
    Last day to reserve for the Auckland meet guys. Must PM me by tomorrow night (Saturday night).
    Auckland Meet
    Sunday 10th July
    1PM - 4-5PM
    For all those that have reserved. If it is raining I will operate our internal garage like a drop off zone. Pull up into the garage. Off load gear so it is dry and then park your car.
    Look forward to seeing you all. Fun Sunday. [​IMG]
  2. Vero Golf Champ
    Thanks bro, but the Onkyo HA200 is just a portable DAC/Amp I was gonna bring along with my Pro-Ject DAC Box S and Head Box S. I'll pop into Avalon Audio today to return the Onkyo and try to do a deal on the Onkyo DACHA300. It's similar, but is a DAP aswell.
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  3. Badas
    Guys, look for these signs on Sunday. They will be on the road and the front of the house.
  4. piksnz
    Selling my DT 1770 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1121007127
    and HD800 S http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1121010004 (with receipt). 
    Please pm if anyone interested.
  5. Contrails
    Interest check.  Thinking of selling my WA22 with preamp outputs and some extra tubes - GZ34 Metal, 7236, ECC31.  
    Also selling a Metrum Musette DAC.  
  6. Deano1974

    Hey brother whats the pricing for these


  7. Contrails
    Hi Deano,
    Considering the base WA22 sells for USD $2400 (with preamp function directly from Woo), I am hoping to get $2200 USD = $3000 NZD for the amp with the mentioned tubes.  You also save on shipping and customs fees.  I have the original box as well. You could pass the amp to be in brand new condition.  Not one scratch on it. I bought it from A2A in Melbourne Jan 2016. 
    Metrum DAC, $1500 NZD.  It's still under warranty till Dec with criticalsound.co.nz. I paid $2000 NZD for it.   I don't have the box anymore but the DAC is in excellent condition.
    You can also send me a SMS on 021 180 4565. 
  8. Deano1974
    Item: Audeze EL8 open back
    Location: Auckland, prefer NZ sale but will consider Aus sale
    Price: $850
    Item Condition: Like New, 2 months old, only 1.5 hours use - Bought from Audio Reference Co. - Auckland
    Reason for selling: Too many Headphones
    Payment Method: Bank-Transfer. Pick up
    Extra Info: have all receipts to prove date of purchase? original price was 1350nzd 20161022_093945.jpg 20161022_093914.jpg 20161022_093851.jpg 20161022_093846.jpg
  9. Aiyah
    Does anyone know a NZ company that will reterminate my hd650 cable in trrs 3.5mm for geek out v2? If it was xlr4 I'd do it myself but trrs is a pita to solder.

    Alternatively if anyone is good at soldering tiny things I'd throw you a case of beer or some money to do the soldering, I'd supply all the constituent parts too.
  10. Aiyah
    Selling my Oppo PM-3. 500 nzd obo if anyone's keen.
  11. robthemac
    Lads / lasses.....
    I have recently come into a little bit of money. Enough for another pair of headphones. 
    If anyone has a LCD-3, Ether, HE-6 or anything else interesting that they could be talked into parting with, let a brother know. We can talk. 
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Pair of Beyer T1 originals in good condition if interested - complete with packaging and aluminium case.  Would like to clear $650 NZD for them - which should be reasonable.
  13. robthemac
    Not a huge Beyer fan, thanks for the offer though!
  14. robthemac
    (That's a disgustingly cheap price, by the way)
  15. 62ohm
    May I ask why are you selling it, Paul? For that price, now I'm considering taking it back.... [​IMG]
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