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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. Badas

    Are you going to make it mate?

    I will PM you meet details shortly.

    Reminder of the meet.

    I will be reminding this thread regularly. I want as many members to attend as possible.
    Auckland Meet. Sunday July 10th. 1PM to 4-5PM.
    PM me if interested. Then I can provide address details.
    Lets get those numbers up.
  2. NZheadcase
    Sweet! Would love to attend. Let me know. :)
  3. NZheadcase
    Since @TonyNewman is bringing his V281, I might pass on lugging mine. :)  I'll bring the small portable stuff. Hifi-M8, ALO Pan Am, Oppo HA 2, and some cans. Maybe the TH-X00 if people are interested. 
  4. Badas

    All that sounds excellent. That would be great.
    Okay a quick reminder on the meet.
    A few points.
    We have a large home. 3 lounges. I will set up rigs throughout the lounges so we all have space to breath.
    My wife has organized mini tables from her school. So gear should be safe. Not easily knocked.
    Power points are everywhere. However I ask that members bring any power protection or extension cords required for equipment themselves.
    I will provide some snacks and non alcoholic drinks. If you would like to bring some beer etc please do.
    It's gonna be fun. [​IMG]
  5. TonyNewman
    Confirming that I will be bringing the V281, HD800S and modded HE6. Glenn 300B amp is just too much hassle to move about.
    Had some horrendous DAC issues lately. Might have a surprise DAC to bring along - maybe.
    Badas likes this.
  6. Contrails
    Well, I just sold my LCD-X.  Will bring some iems, ATH IM-04 along with some music. 
  7. John Cho
    I will bring some iems too - EPH-100, Z5, SE846, Parterre, SD4S.
    Contrails likes this.
  8. 62ohm
    Hey guys, sorry but it seems that I wouldn't be able to attend the mini-meet after all [​IMG]
    Have fun, and please post pictures to show me what I missed!
  9. Badas
    Not long to go now guys. 11 days to go. [​IMG]
    For all those who are in Auckland and want to go to a HP meet. Here is your chance.
    It will likely be the only meet this year. So no more asking for the next one. [​IMG]
    Auckland Meet. Sunday July 10th. 1PM to 4-5PM.
    PM me if interested. Then I can provide address details.
    Lets get those numbers up.
    Dono [​IMG] 
  10. Contrails
    Selling my V200, $500 on trademe. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1115222819
  11. Badas
    If it is not sold bring it to the meet. I would like another listen.
    Meet next weekend guys. Not long to go.
    Numbers are low. So if you are keen to listen to some great gear contact me.
    Contrails likes this.
  12. Aiyah
    I'll come by, although I've drastically downsized since last meet. I will only have a PM-3, and Flare R2A as my GoV2 is in for the upgrade to Go2A.
  13. Badas

    Excellent. See you on Sunday. [​IMG]
  14. Badas
    Last week to reserve a spot.
    Auckland Meet this Sunday
    1PM to 4-5PM
    PM me if interested.
    Some of the gear on show.
    Plus much more [​IMG] [​IMG] 
    Contrails likes this.
  15. Vero Golf Champ
    My Onkyo HA200 failed, but I'll try to grab a DACHA300 on Saturday to replace it. In addition to my Pro-Ject rig and Nighthawks I'll bring these Yamaha cannons. Remarkable clarity and dynamics for cans with such a great bass response and the treble doesn't hurt my ears at higher SPLs.



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