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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. designmind

    Agree with the sentiment. Thanks to Murray and all involved for making it such a great event.
    Would have loved to have more time listening to other gear, always seemed to be drawn back to my table when I tried to escape... in the short auditions I did get sample the ZMF Blackwoods (through the Woo WA22) and the Pandora Hope VIs with much enjoyment - just a shame I didn't get the chance to really sample Murray's HE-6 setup and the Ethers - oh well, another time ...
  2. NZtechfreak
    The Pandora's really are something aren't they? I'm really into them right now given how incredibly easy they are to drive. We'll see if they can stand up to the Ether C when that arrives though!
  3. designmind

    wow! - I'd be into that comparison for sure - they are both high on my list in terms of closed phones.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry this is late - gutted I didn't get around and take more photographs.  I didn't get to your table at all with the camera Murray [​IMG]
    Anyway - a few pics from the day:
    Pretty much in order:
    1. Badas WA22 and LCD3 / LCD-X rig.  Loved the combo - especially the LCD-X.
    2. Terry's Audeze collection - including the LCD3, EL-8, LCDX and LCD XC.
    3. The little Magni2 and Modi2 - I really liked them.  Who could ask for more in a compact set-up.  A lot smaller than I expected too. Also tried the TH600.
    4. 62 Ohm's HD800, HD650 and K812 paired with the HDVA600 and Benchmark DAC1
    I tried to get around everyone, but unfortunately ended up so busy with my own little table that my listening time ended up very limited.  Met some great people though - thank you all for your hospitality.
    Some of my personal highlights:
    1. Murray's monoblocks with the HE6.  Probably my personal star of the show.  Just effortless in it's sonic presentation
    2. Getting to hear the some of Murray's other gear too - especially the Pandoras and Ether (loved the Ether)
    3. Rizki's HDVA600 running balanced into the HD650.  That is one heck of an amp. The 650's sang on it.
    4. Getting to finally listen to Motu's Hugo
    5. Sayan showing up and getting to hear the Layla universal
    6. Badas WA22 + LCDX
    7. Seeing a few people take pleasure with my modest iDSD and LD MKIV combo.  Had a few HD800 owners that really liked the combo. Amazing what can you do with a limited budget.
    8. Seeing the expressions on the faces of those who tried my HD600 and then their HD800's with the Luxury & Precision LP5. Again - seriously good synergy.
    9. Trying the ZMF Blackwood - hopefully I get to review that and the Omni sometime in the future
    10. Trying Terry's EL-8 on my own gear briefly.  Really liked that headphone, and I think Murray is going to see if I can borrow it from Terry for a couple of weeks to review it.  Bit worried - as this is one I think I will probably buy if I get another extended listen to it.  I really enjoyed it.
    So thanks again everyone.  Really enjoyed the day [​IMG] 
    mark-g, 62ohm and Badas like this.
  5. Badas
    Wow. You know how to take nice photo's.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Reasonable camera - lousy operator [​IMG]
    I'd love to get some late evening time lapse shots with the WA22 though.
  7. Badas
    Yeah. I've always been fairly crappy at doing that. It is a skill.
  8. NZheadcase
    Great pics Brooko! 
  9. NZheadcase
    Apologies in advance guys. This is off topic. :)
    I will be posting my Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs on trademe in the next few days. Raising funds to buy baby stuff - got a little girl coming in a little over six weeks.
    If anyone here is interested or if you know anyone interested, please send me a PM.
  10. mark-g
    Super big thanks to Murray! I had a great time and really enjoyed getting the opportunity to try some kit. For me I just melted with Badas's LCD3's on his Woo. Back in the real world for my wallet those Blackwood's and an Arcam irDac (thanks for letting me try that Badas!) have certainly perked my interest.

    I'm really sorry I didn't come along for after drinks, by the time I got back up to home I crashed out after unpacking the car... maybe I'll bring less stuff next time... 

    Speaking of which I already can't wait for the next meet!
    Badas likes this.
  11. Brooko Contributor
    Hey Mark - was it you who had a set of PS-10000 at the Meet?  I think someone mentioned they were there.  If it was you, I can't believe I didn't see them!  Nice to meet you anyway, and thanks for the chance to try the Magnums.  Murray and I still went out for an after Meet drink anyway.  Can thoroughly recommend the bar.  Nice little place.
  12. mark-g
    I completely missed the PS-1000's too so not mine, I would of liked to have heard them too. Really wish the day didn't go so quick as I wanted to see if any of your iem's worked with my funny ears.
  13. 62ohm
    There was definitely a PS-1000 on the meet, I tried it and quite like it with the HDVA 600, but didn't get the chance to listen to it for more than 3 songs.
    Also didn't get the chance to listen to Paul's little dot amp with the HD800, but I listened to it with K812 and I can see why you like the K812 on your system [​IMG] ​
    I will be looking forward to next year's after drinks, with crossed fingers my car would not breakdown several days before the meet again [​IMG] ​
  14. BlackMagic
    Thanks to Murray again and everyone else who made it happen. Hope numbers proved sufficient to stay in the Black – but as a result I think a more relaxed atmosphere this time. I found it better opportunity to talk to people – as well as quick listens.
    Listener fatigue hit early for me too.
    A visitor brought along the Grado 1000’s and they impressed me and a few others.  
    Seems a fair bit of bad luck erupted this year – but there’s always next.
    Can we have sound booths Murray ? Some do indeed like their music loud. I could hear a pair of 800’s from where I was – must have been several metres away and over the top of everything else !
  15. d marc0
    For those who tried the Noble Savant, any thoughts on them?
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