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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak
    Brooko and 62ohm like this.
  2. Badas
    Fantastic. [​IMG]
  3. NZtechfreak
    Ha, the best photos are of your amp I think - entirely because it is the most photogenic subject in any of them!
  4. Badas

    Yeah. I really did like this pic.
    Your monoblocks are incredible. I wish I heard the HE-6 and Ether on it.
  5. NZtechfreak
    Mini-meet soon!
    Hopefully Tony and/or myself will have the Ether C there too, as well as the ZMF Omni.
    I'm also hoping to grab a Geek Out V2+ sometime soonish - the V2 sounded almost unbelievably good with the Ether at the meet (its 3D-printed casework leaves an awful lot to be desired though, however they are looking to change that in the V2+ after feedback on the regular V2). After hearing the V2 I can honestly believe the people saying it is better than anything else in its class and more on the level of things like the Gungnir as several have indicated.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    If there are any Kiwis who would like to sample Cozoy's Aegis (my review here), please let me know by PM.  This is not a tour as such - and there is no requirement for reviews (although if you'd like to write one that would be good too).
    Only caveats:
    1. NZ only
    2. If I don't know you, I'll need someone to vouch for you.  It's a $300 USD piece of equipment and it's on loan.
    3. You arrange postage to next person on the list
    4. Depending on numbers - you should get about a week to put it through it's paces.
    So if interested - PM me.
  7. NZtechfreak

    Read your review with interest. Don't know if you saw my comments in the thread on it, but I called it out for glare too with the Hope VI (and as we discussed I'm not that sensitive to it either ordinarily!). I'd be interested to try it for a few more nights with some other headphones to see if I felt the same over a broader range of pairings, since the Hope VI is a fairly singular design. If the glare is present elsewhere then it looks like one better paired with something a little more on the dark and languorous side.

    Given the SQ on offer from the Geek Out V2 I think products in this market segment and price range are really going to need to try hard to distinguish themselves...
  8. Brooko Contributor
    Agree Murray.  If you do have a mini-Meet being organised at any stage, you can grab it for a few weeks and give anyone who wants some time with it.
    I just need to make sure it comes back at some stage because it's not technically mine (more of a long term loan sort of thing).
  9. Badas
    Definitely interested in the mini meet. I can bring the Woo again if wanted.

    Experimenting with my LCDX. I only had it a week at the last meet. Has anyone taken the foam out behind the grills before? It has extended the treble without distortion and soundstage has increased. Could be a winner for this HP.
  10. HelmetGuy

    Woohoo! Pen me in for that one.
  11. poo
    So apparently today isn't quite the right day to think "better jump on Head-Fi and check when that meet is happening" :mad:
  12. Badas

    Yip. A bit late to the party. [​IMG]
  13. NZtechfreak
    Oh no! If you PM me your email I am going to get together a mailing list for attendees so that I can send a notification when the next meet is set and a reminder nearer that date (there will be no spamming and anyone who wishes to opt off can at any time).
  14. audiophilegamer
    Was I the only one extremely blown away by Brooko's LP5? I was in shock and awe for a good 15 minutes listening to it... Better than my home rig!
  15. NZtechfreak

    Just one of many things I didn't get a chance to listen to!
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