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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak

    Well, they're going out of production soon, so not a bad idea at all! Now, let the amp search begin!
  2. Aiyah
    I wish I had listened to Murray's HE-6 before my ears were fatigued. By the time I got around to them, I honestly could not have told the difference between a pair of HE-6 and a pair of Porta Pros.
  3. 62ohm
    I have to say I *thought* I've found my personal end game with my setup... And while I'm still content with it, after listening to the PS1000 driven by my HDVA 600 I can't help but feeling like I NEED ONE OF THOSE on my system ​[​IMG]
    The LCD-2 is also still on my wish list (I think I spoke to someone who was going to sell his LCD-2.1, so if you read this give me a PM [​IMG])
  4. Badas
    Damn, I didn't get time to listen to Murray's HE-6 setup. That would have been fun.

    I have listened to a highly modified HE-6 matched with the Woo WA5 regularly. A fantastic endgame HP.

    I was lucky enough to swipe Murray's Ether and listen to it on the Woo WA22 for about 45 minutes. What a HP. Star of the show for me. A big thanks to Murray for everything he has done. Show and gear.

    ZMF Blackwood HP was a knockout HP also. That has to be my runner up at the show.

    I have some pics from the show that I will throw up on the thread tomorrow also.

    Great meet. Interesting nice people.
  5. NZtechfreak
    Yes, the Blackwood really impressed many, I think Zach will likely pick up a few sales from attendees in the coming weeks. Great of him to send them. I will hopefully have a good chance to sit down and really listen to them this evening.
  6. Badas
    I have to say a big thank you for everyone having respect for gear on display at the show also.

    My gear has returned with not one scratch on it.

    I was amazed how people had respect, introduced themselves and treated HP's carefully. I even left people alone with my equipment while I had a look around. It was great.
  7. NZtechfreak

    Yes, this! People are as much a highlight as the gear for me, everyone was great yet again.
    Badas likes this.
  8. NZtechfreak
    Some more news - the good folk at http://www.soundessentials.co.nz/ are offering 15% off for meet attendees for the month of September with the code HFAM2015. They were hoping to make the meet, but like a few others had their plans disrupted by illness.
  9. NZheadcase
    Badas, your gear was one of the highlights for me. Thanks for sharing. The WA22 was amazing, but I think my ears were more in-tune with the HA-1. Loved the LCD-X on it. Surprisingly, the HD800 sounded fantastic on it for my musical preferences as well.  
  10. Badas

    Yes. You liked the HA-1 and the HD800. I will be guessing a HA-1 will be in your future.

    I was impressed with your portable rig. PM3 and HA2. So very enjoyable.
  11. Badas
    As promised. My pics from the meet. Not the best pics. [​IMG]
    Soooooo damn retro. I loved it. Great effort. I really wished I took a photo of the comfy chair. It is amazing how much a comfy chair changes the sound. [​IMG] Great fella as well. My first listen with Grado as well.
    Cute rig. Great sound.
    Ether. Star of the show for me. Not much to say here. I want a pair. Early next year I think. My mate Tony ordered the closed version. What a legend.
    Whats to say. Monoblocks, Vega and HD800. [​IMG] Evidently the momoblocks and the HE6 was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance.
    You gotta take pics of Moon stuff.
    So cute. I didn't listen but I know this would have sounded good. I have heard similar rigs before.
    My stuff.
    Obviously I missed a lot. Murray's gear was incredible and had so much on offer.
    There was a fantastic Audeze stand as well.
    Most of these pics were of things that interested myself. So sorry if I missed others.
  12. NzAudezey
    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone, Was a great day and apologies I had to head off early. It was awesome to meet so many like minded people who share the audiophilia passion.
    big thanks to Badas, was great to meet you and I one day dream to have a home theatre like yours. Murrays HE-6's were awesome also, have always wanted to demo a pair and compare them to my LCD3's.
    If anyone wants my contact details send me a PM and will dish them out.
    Badas likes this.
  13. Aiyah
    OT, but I was wondering has anyone ever ordered anything through nzaudio.co.nz? Are they legit? I saw they have some Schiit gear.
  14. NZtechfreak
    Wow, interesting. Have not come across them before, but if they're legit I'm definitely taking an Abyss from them at that price!
  15. HelmetGuy

    Darn. Gutted I missed out on this as I'm considering delving back into IEMs.
    Great photos and impressions so far! Might be worth starting a thread in the meet impressions section.
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