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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. mvvRAZ
    My vote goes to the SP1000M - insane treble quality and sparkle, and a bit more quantity than the 2000 imo. Really good midrange texture and detail, some warmth in the bass as well
    AKM chip sound more musical, less digital, less harsh.
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  3. Dionysus
    The SP1000 is an exceptionaly sounding DAP, its warm, musical and very detailed. The difference between it and the new SP200 are so close that at its new price, the 1000 is the way to go, unless you want more output power.
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  4. bmichels
    I just ordered the SP1000 Amp module. I will repport how much it improve the SP1000 with my new full size headphone (ZMF Verite Closed)

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  5. arftech
    I am now a member of the SP1000 family! Took a minute to get here as I came from the M11, DX220 and wow because there is a difference in how music is conveyed or interpreted on this player. Bought the matching amp but couldn't find the matching copper like the player and settled for the black amp. Sold out every damn where!

    It was something about the other two players I upgraded from that just drove me up the wall sonically. As you know both use the ESS Sabre chips which I particularly never cared for due to the bite in the treble. One of the previous players was laggy as hell and we know which one.:wink:

    The SP1000 is smooth like butter and sounds sublime. As far as the weight and size especially with the amp attached is concerned I simply don't care because its about the music for me. So I'm going to sit back and listen to some tunes.
  6. arftech
    Question? When using Tidal how do I download for offline playing? The embedded Tidal App I think doesn’t allow that.
  7. arftech
    How are you liking the Amp module? Haven’t used mine yet and will wait until my balance cable arrive even though it’s attached.
  8. aaf evo
    sideload the tidal APK
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  9. arftech
    Thanks bro!
  10. JasonNYC
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  11. bmichels
    I have not received it yet. It should arrive Monday or Tuesday.
  12. arftech
    What would cause the SP1000 to reboot itself intermittently? Noticed this after the install of Tidal. Hmm...
  13. olddude
    Take Tidal out and see if it still does it?
  14. arftech
    No, haven't tried that. Seems logical that I should. Just deleted it but SP still rebooting itself. Next I'll try a soft reset.
  15. cj3209
    The SP1000 works as a very good standalone DAC. I connected my Thinkpad X1 Tablet via OTG USB-C cable and it plays qobuz through it. Very nice! Both my 'regular' portable DACs ran out of battery so having the SP1000 around is a nice backup...

    Back to the music...it's addicting...
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