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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. mvvRAZ
    Happened to me with the AK SR15. Send it in for a repair
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  2. Samuel777
    I'm considering to order the focal elegia.
    How does it pair with sp1000 or sp2000?
  3. cj3209
    I've been using my SP1000cu via the 3.5mm (ground) out and 2.5mm out, connected to my amp, XIAudio Broadway via XLR connections. The sound is great. The cable is made by an eBay seller, stinky1965, and is made with Furutech connectors and Cardas 4 x 23.5 awg cable. See pic below. If anyone is interested, let me know. He charges around $250. 20191123_123255.jpg
  4. DeepSouth
    How do you like your broadway? What headphones are you using?
    Why does broadway require a ground? I don’t understand.
  5. cj3209
    The Broadway is a really good transportable balanced amp for almost all headphones. I use it with my 1266 but mostly with the i4s and Sony IERs. The 3.5mm ground is because when connecting the SP1000 (DC) to an external amp (AC), the SP1000 has no ground.
  6. DeepSouth
    I thought both use a battery, making them both dc? I’m using a woo portable amp(topaz) without a separate ground, do you have a link where I can read more about using 3.5 as a ground and when it’s needed? I think I need to read up on this.
    When I diy a cable to link my sp1k to desktop amp hdv800, 2.5 balcance to dual xlr3, I use two ways : w/ and w/o the use of 3.5 as ground.
    Then turn up max vol. on the amp, max gain, max vol on sp1k also.
    By that way I compare the noise by hearing via a headphone, hd800s balance cable.
    I tounch and untouch metal body of sp1k, hdv.
    I connect and disconnect AC adapter (charger) of sp1k also.

    -> I found nothing.
    My conclude : dont need 3.5 as a ground.
    Note: My hdv amp use AC line with ground
  8. JasonNYC
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  9. hemtmaker
    Hi guys, I need to flash the CN version of the firmware for my SP1000m in order to have the chinese input methods, and be able to search thru my Cantonese songs.

    I have pm’d JasonNYC and was advised to contact my local authorised reseller, and to ask them to ask AK. However, both A2A and minidisc in Australia said that AK has rejected their requests. Is anyone here able to help? Cheers
  10. arftech
    I am thinking about buying a used SP1000 which will be a hopeful upgrade from the DX220. The DX220 is okay but I’ve never quite gotten use to ESS chips. To me they seem brighter. How would you describe the tonality of AKM chips and how they’re implemented by AK? My prefer is a more warmer signature. Dilemma!
  11. Progisus
    My experience with ess is Oppo HA-1 and Audioquest black and red dragonfly. AKM experience is SP1000. Definitely warmer with lots of detail.
  12. javahut
    You'll like the SP1000 then. I have the SP1000m, SE100, DX200, and DX220. The SP1000m has a very "rich" and smooth mid range that is layered and detailed, while not being at all harsh. The DX220 doesn't quite do that. But while the SP1000m does have great low end, the DX220 with both amps 7 and 8 has a sub low end that the SP1000m can't quite match. But both AK & DX220 are very good everywhere... just a slight difference in what they're best at.

    But in general, you're right. The ESS chips do seem to be brighter with slightly more low end extension and maybe a little more "air" in the top end, even in A+K's implementation in the SE100. The AKM chips have a warmth and detail in the mids that the ESS chips don't seem to have.

    I think if I was gonna spend the money for the SP1000, though... I'd go ahead and spend the little bit more for an SP2000. I think it's probably closer to having the best of both worlds.
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  13. arftech

    My budget won’t stretch to SP2000 territory. So, it’s either gonna be the 1000 or take a look at the KANN Cube even though it has the ESS PRO chips but it rest on how AK implements it. The Cube is newer of course. The DX220 is just so darn slow and unresponsive sometimes which is another reason why I wanted to look elsewhere. I understand both the 1000 and Cube are like butter.
  14. aaf evo
    Is the N6ii an option? It’s a warmer sounding DAP that’s up to standards in terms of speed and offers vast functionality.
  15. olddude
    The SP1000 is a dream. And it's cheaper than it used to be.
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