New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
  1. bflat
    Well then I’m shocked that people are shocked.
  2. Eroica4th
    umm so far i find SP1000SS so harsh like really really harsh. for example the song Bonzo Goes to Bitburg 24/192 the part when bell-like sound occurs it is just like too high compared with the rest of the spectrum !!

    i was told that turning on the ProEq will fix it. However i still suffer this. Maybe it is cable issue!
  3. olddude
    First, how many hours do you have on it? It needs at least 50 just to settle in. One Hundred would be even better. Second, it's a somewhat bright and very detailed signature. If you pair it with a bright IEM and/or a bright/silver cable it's going to give you a lot of information in the upper upper end. My Moon Audio Silver Dragon on a JH Angie, which sounded perfect on an AK240SS, was too bright with the SP1000.
  4. prismstorm
    I have the SP1000Cu and playtime on it is below 50 hours, I find it not one bit harsh, is this due to my version being Cu and not SS? I have owned the AK120II and RWAK380 before and this DAP is a significant improvement over those two in soundstage, fullness, details and sound density. I mostly use Vega with a 6 braided Silver Plated Copper cable but I also use K10 and Katana, the upper frequencies are very extended and crisp but stops just before it gets harsh or sibilant, it plays well with all my IEMs so far.
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  5. haiku
    I know where you´re coming from. Even my SP1000Cu has a much brighter tuning than my AK380. That´s why I still use my AK380 daily, while I can only really enjoy my SP1000 when I listen to Classical with my KSE1500.
  6. Eroica4th
    try to get hi-re The Ramones - Bonzo Goes to Bitburg and check if it is harsh or not :) it is harsh like piercing ur ear drums. though mid and lows and perfect. but the highs are really high :)
  7. kubig123
    Which earphones are you using?
  8. olddude
    That's a mastering issue, most likely. And, as above, what earphones/cable are you using.
  9. Mimouille
    Or maybe the player is a steaming pile of crap, which sounds like pig farts. I mean this is just a possibility.

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  10. Eroica4th
    Layla II, Silver dragon cable moon audio.

    I know u will put the blame on SD. But i tried different iems
  11. bflat
    Just a suggestion - look for a Grammy award winner for best engineered album and use that as a reference. I have several and they all sound great with my Layla+SP1000 combo. I do have some other albums that I find sibilant, but those sound sibilant on pretty much all of my gear. As far as my personal taste goes, I like to take highs to the edge of sibilant instead of playing it safe.
  12. kubig123
    I had the silver dragon, but I've never being a big fan, it's definitely bright and therefore doesn't really help in this case.

    Can you try to use a different cable?
  13. kubig123
    I had few silver plated cables and I really didn't like any of them, i found them too be too harsh.
  14. olddude
    My Silver Dragon gave me a splashy treble. Nothing to do with the IEMs, I'm sure a Black Dragon would be fine. When I reverted to a stock JH cable the problem went away.

    Unless you are saying that all your IEMs with non-Silver Dragons sound the same, in which case you probably don't like the sound sig of the SS and it's not for you.

    Also, I had a silver/copper Whiplash on my Zeus and it was a bit too trebly. Swapped it out for a copper Are ll and it's perfect.
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  15. jscmd2000
    Agree with the silver dragons being on the bright side. Great cable, though, for the price.

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