New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
  1. Eroica4th
    i will test this song with kse1500 and see if this is occur. btw any news regarding the amp?
  2. olddude
    Source dependent. Was perfect with my AK240SS, but not with my SP1000SS.
  3. Eroica4th
    i can confirm that the harshness isnt occuring with kse1500. Yes it is the cable i guess :) maybe if i have time i will try the stock cable ~
  4. haiku
    The CrystalCable Piccolino is excellent for the price. Best budget cable I´ve heard. Forget about the Dragons. :thumbsdown:
  5. Mimouille
    The Crystal Piccolino is usually 400-600$. How is that a budget cable.
  6. kubig123
    Also Effect Audio Ares ll and Ares ll+, or PWaudio n5.
    These are cooper cables with a nice warm signature, perfect to smooth the treble.
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  7. olddude
    I have Ares ll on my Zeus and it pairs very well indeed with the SP1000.
  8. kubig123
    I'm currently using the Ares ll+ with the Fibae3 and together with the SP1000 they have a great synergy.
    The cable enhance the vocals and mids while it smoothens the treble.
  9. jscmd2000
    I've had the Lionheart and was so impressed, just got the Horus for my A18s. These are the first custom cables for my iems and headphones combined that I feel are worth the price.

    I owned the kse1500 and layla ii's, but the encores are much more updated and fun to listen to. The A18s, on the other hand, are a level or two above even... to my ears, of course, and ymmv.

    These things get updated so often that you really need to skip some models like the iphones.
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  10. Eroica4th
    anybody noticed sp1000 not showing album cover for some albums ? although they have the same format?

    what format is required for album cover?
  11. olddude
    <500X500 JPEG if you are including a separate photo with the music files in a folder. I believe it needs to be labeled "Front" but I could be wrong on that. If you embed photos in tagging, shouldn't matter. JPEG is always a safe bet. If you are using WAV, that can be the issue.
  12. ljnew
    Curious what did you choose?

    I hear the v30 isn't that far from hugo 2.
  13. Malevolent
    Well, for someone who's quite sensitive to treble, the combination of the SP1000 SS + Toxic Cables' Hydra (a pure silver cable) + Noble's Kaiser Encore = a superbly clear, but sometimes sibilant combination. I've had to change cables when using the Encore (it's currently paired with a hybrid from PlusSound). The SP1000 SS is definitely a crystal clear and utterly detailed source. To my ears, it sounds best with slightly warmer IEMs such as the original Kaiser 10 and the Zeus XIV.
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  14. kubig123
    I really enjoy the combination Encore+TWag V3 T+ WM1Z treble and mid are extremely crispy, so much details, not for everyone, still I really enjoy it, but it's not a very relaxing combo.

    Lately I've been using the Encore with the Thor silver ll and the SP1000cu, a little less brilliant, it add some smoothness, the overall sound signature has more air and is less fatigue.
  15. olddude
    For me, a dedicated treble-head, using a Moon silver cable (now sold) on my SP1000SS gave me a bit too much treble (splashy in the very upper end) using my now sold JH Angie. My Zeus XR came with a silver/copper Whiplash and was definitely too bright. A copper Ares ll brought things back into proper alignment. The SS version gives a lot of detail in the upper end (which is why I love it) but correct cabling needs to be used to control that detail. My combo might still be a bit too bright/fatiguing for some, but for me the sound is now perfect.

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