New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
  1. olddude
    Having had a 120ll, which I sold when I got a 240SS, and then got an SP1000SS, the 120ll was definitely lesser than the 240SS, which is definitely lesser than the SP1000SS. Fullness? Maybe the amount of detail in the SP1000SS is causing that opinion. For me, it's just about perfection itself. Of course, it all depends on musical tastes and other equipment and personal sound signature desires.
    Mine is various : 2 diy, 1 fio, 1 from iQuebe (I am not sure typing correctly or not this brand).
    IQuebe : silver plated copper 3 single strand
    Diy : multi strands 7N copper, 4 wires x 300 strands per wire.
    Another diy is hybrid coper - silver (some silver and copper strand in each wire).
    Hybrid one give boosting of bass make it like solid and less depth.
    I ussually use the other diy or iqube
  3. haiku
    It pays to
    From my experience it pays to spend a good sum of money on a excellent IC cable. The fullness you´re waiting for with the SP1000 and KSE1500 first started for me when I used Brise Audio´s Murakumo6 cable. The peak performance I got with Bimar Audio Labs "OmniKing". Just a suggestion. :wink:
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    Thank you. Im digging into this brand. Circled one lookin good Screenshot_20171230-004038.jpg
  5. haiku
    If you´d like to contact Creevy Yu of Brimar Audio, just send me a PM. He´ll find the best cable for you.
  6. bmichels
    I tried 3 cables between my SP1000 and the SHIURE KSE1500 : All Copper (top), Hybrid Coper/silver from Labkable (middle), and All silver from DHC (bottom)

    Finally I kept the 2nd, which is the 8wires Pandora from Labkable. I paid it €150

    3 cables SE.jpg
  7. haiku
    When I look at your gear I´d say the cable is a bottleneck for the quality of sound your components are really able to produce. But hey, each to his own. :sunglasses:
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  8. bmichels
    I am not sure € 150 for 12 cm is a bottleneck !

    ".... they are made of 99.9992% Pure Silver (Certified by SGS) + 7N OCC Copper (6 Metallic Brown wires). First the cable go through 36 hours in twice of cryogenic treatment (12 hours interval between the 2 cryogenic treatment) to further stabilize the crystal structure of the conductor. And then After termination the cable is processed through QBT-100 Quantum burning machine for extra 72 hours 0-100KHz quantum cable run-in treatment in order to provide the ultra bandwidth performance"

    I even found it sounding better than the DHC which is twice the price...
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  9. haiku
    Ok, if this is your price range, I better don´t tell you what I´ve paid..... The main thing is, you´re happy with the cable. By the way, from what I can see, you have a good taste for superb sounding tube amps!
  10. bmichels
    Haiku, believe me that I have no opposition to pay more for the IC Cable if the sound is REALLY improved. So I am curious to investigate your suggestions.

    I see the Brise Audio´s Murakumo6 is around 500€. Could you confirm and also tell me the price of the Bimar Audio Labs "OmniKing". Which one you recommend better ? Are they copper or silver ?

    Do you have infos about the Bimar Audio Labs "OmniKing" ? I can't find their web site.

    can you post picture of your Interconect cables ?

    thanks in advance
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  11. EDM0611
    Thank you very much! I will give a listen for the SP1000.
    @Giraku : I think you should try the Brimar Grand Master Cable for Layla II to get the ultimate performance of your combos. For me, it's definitely a luxury reference sound, I'm very happy with it.
  12. Giraku
    Will check it out.
    Thanks for the info.
  13. haiku
    Yup, the Murakumo6 is €500,- . I don´t want to tell the price of the OmniKing here, don´t want to shock people. If you´d like to know, send me a pm and I´ll also tell you how to get in contact with Brimar.
    The Brimar OmniKing is much(!) better. It´s an enhanced version of their Supreme Reference Monarch (Grand Master) cable. Have a look at it on their website . There you can see, that it´s much more than just a copper or silver cable, Brimar goes to extremes to tune their cables for best performance. I´ve also tested AK´s Crystal Cables Piccolino (PEF16) cable, and for the price (around €110,-) it´s quite good, but miles away from the other 2.
  14. bflat
    LOL, you think people who spent $3500 on a SP1000 DAP to pair with their $3000 Shure IEM are going to be shocked at a price of a cable? They may be skeptical, but definitely not shocked.
  15. haiku
    Has already happened here. :smirk:

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