NEW! Monster DNA headphones
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is there any sibilance? How do these nice headphones compared to the ATH-M50 or senn hd380
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In this price range and size, I found the to be the most comfortable. I haven't tried the M50 on, but I can tell you against the hd380s I tried in store for an extended period, I still liked the DNA, as it fit my ear better without getting overly hot. 

I can also attest to it lacking sibilance on both my phone, old Sony mp3 player, multiple computers I have used it on. 
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I loved the DNS when I first had them,
Then the m80,
Loved them both
DNA forward smooth mids.
M80 beautiful addictive sound.
Now the es700 completely dwarfs them in sound.
Just completely in all areas.
Sorry to tell it like it is.
If I had the money I would keep all three.
But it's a no brainer choice as..
The es700 is cheaper as well.
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Well at least the other ones look cooler 

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Hi all,
This is my first post.  A friend of my recommended this site at THE site for good headphone info.
I have a question about the Monster DNAs.  I just got them as a birthday gift, and I'm really enjoying them.  (They're my first pair of decent quality on-ear headphones.)  But I have one issue; the headband has almost no cushion.  The ear pads are very soft and comfortable, but after listing for about 30 minutes the top of my head hurts, even with the headphones extended to their maximum size.
Anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions? 
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It's funny...I originally thought that the DNA just crushed the Mixr but after acquiring a pair of Mixrs from my sister who got them for free I would have to say the battle is a bit closer than I originally thought. The four pairs of headphones I have right now are all good in their own right. M80, M100, DNA and now the Mixr. I think overall I'd still take the M100 if I could only have one because its the most versatile but if I was picking one of the on ears I might actually go w the Mixr. Mainly because of the build quality and overall sound reproduction which is a bit bass heavy but then again that is clearly the way I lean. Haha.
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Sorry guys completely missed these updated posts.

I'm really not familiar with explaining or understanding "imaging" but as far as sound stage goes the M100 is by far the best of the four. It just has an openness about them that I have never heard from a closed headphone. It has the advantage of being over ears vs on ears like the rest of them. To me the m80s are probably second best followed by the Mixrs and then the DNA. All three of the on ears are very similar from a sound stage standpoint.

As for the bass comparison between the DNA and Mixr...the Mixr is a bit clearer and punchy where the DNA is more laid back but still quite bassy. The Mixr goes a bit lower to my ears but that could just be a volume thing. More equals better In a bass head can. Lol.
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I actually liked these headphones of course you got cans that sound way better than these but these are directed at the average teenage consumer some one who unlike audiophiles is looking for something that looks cool usually beats these headphones are a whole lot clearer than what I like to call beats crap line (studio, earbuds, solo, solo hd) they have outrageous bass and mids and highs you can actually decipher unlike beats but In no way shape or form are these balanced in my book I give them a 2 3/4 out of 5 for style and acceptable sound if a teenager really wants raper endorsed headphones get chambers aviators or soul sl 150 or soul sl 300

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