1. nicolas94

    Beats tour or monater dna in ear

    Which is best ?? I wna to buy one of them !! *monster
  2. Headphonejunky

    Looking to move up a level in Audiophile

    I am new to the forum but am a headphone collector. I currently own the following in my collection Vmoda M100 Beats Pro, Mixr, Solo HD Skullcandy Mixmaster SMS Audio WIreless Ferrari T350 and R300 (Noise cancelling) Soul By Ludacris SL300 Monster DNA, Diesel, Diamond tears   My...
  3. Jimfear

    I need advice about Monster DNA

    hi! There is a special for DNA headphone for 100$ at an electronic store not so far from where i live and i would like to know the pros and cons of the headphones.   i tried the headphone and really like the sound of it, i like headphone with heavy bass. Basicly i will use them to go to the...
  4. sound22

    Portable Headphones help much needed

    Hello Head-Fi, I was looking to buy a pair of portable cans and i came a cross a little situation. I cannot decide between these 3 on-ear headphones: V-Moda M-80 Monster DNA Logitech UE-6000 My case is I want them with superb build quality, good looks and of course sound. Btw I am in the...
  5. Jobrjo

    My Music Setup

    So I just wanted to post my music set up, and see what you audiophiles think of it. I wouldn't consider myself a hi-fi enthusiast, but I appreciate good quality music. So this is my current/future music setup:   Headphones: The full Monster Headphones DNA Collection (all black), the newest...
  6. keanex

    [Review] Monster DNA Pro, phenomenal sound, poor fit

      Pros: Removable cable, energetic/engaging sound, good sound imaging and separation, good level of detail retrieval, clean sound. Cons: Aesthetics seem aimed at kids, poor fit, comfort is bad, too much sound leakage for portable use in quiet environments. Style: Closed circumaural Tonal...
  7. gjmallory

    $15 Custom Molded IEM!!!! ...well, sorta. Apple Earpods + Radians custom molded ear plugs

    On my job, I am on the phone off and on about 50% of the day.  For the majority of these calls, I use a company provided iPhone 5.  Most of the time, I just use one of several pairs of headphones I own that have an inline mic (Monster DNA, Skullcandy Aviator, Monoprice 8323), but it is summer...
  8. failsauce

    Broken earbud wire Monster DNA In-Ear

    I clipped my wire on something today and its now broken. it has the apple control talk thing. I need help! I'm at school at the moment so no tools for me but i dont know what to do! Images:,MAjt4t6
  9. cathal84

    What is the warranty on Monster DNA in-ear?

    Anyone know the warranty on monster DNA in-ear? I think they have a 2 year warranty but does not say it anywhere on the web.
  10. Jouten

    Best bang for the buck Portable Headphone Amp suited best for ATH-M50 and Monster DNA (Not Joking! =P)

    After a lot of research around here and abroad, it looks like the E17's might be best?  But this is a last resort to get any possible meaningful, factual support for this or any other brand of portable headphone amp.   Thanks all!
  11. BbOy G-uNiT1221

    Need Answers Please~

    Well... I can spend $400 on headphones and stuff. So I already know I am getting DNA On-Ear Headphones. Which is $200, so $200 left and my remaining choices are: - Another pair of DNA On-Ear Headphones $200 - Beats Pill $200 - Beats Solo HD $200 - DNA In-Ear Headphones and urBeats $100 + $100 -...
  12. Steve Swag

    Need Stylish and Sleek Headphones

    I need headphones that are stylish and sleek like beats but not. need to have good sound for under 100$ . Do not have to be name brand but seriously NO BEATS!   THANK YOU FOR HELP IN ADVANCE, STEVE SWAG
  13. LIltoushir0

    Sol republic track HD's, V-MODA crossfade M-80's or the Monster DNA???

    I have a hard time deciding between these three headphones(notice i'm only into on earsdue to the smaller form factor) and i honestly am into some decent aesthetics in a pair of headphones... so right now the  Sol republic trakh HD's, V-MODA crossfade M-80's and the Monster DNA's are what i'm...
  14. Closingracer

    Monster DNA in-ear?

    The Monster DNA in-ear are $69 on amazon right now ( The white apple control talk one) and wondering is it worth the price? There isn't much reviews of them and wondering are they better then monster's previous earphones made for Beats by dre ( The tours and ibeats)
  15. Ajmathe86

    Bose QC 15 or what? Cannot decide.

    I'm in the market for some decent cans. I had the beats because that's what my girl got me and I also had the sol republics. Hated them. I'm eye balling the skullcandy mixmasters and the Bose QC 15. A buddy told me to investigate the soul by ludacris but I've lost faith in products rappers put...
  16. altrock1234

    V Moda M80 vs Monster DNA

    Which headphone is better overall?  Take everything into consideration.  I will be ordering soon.   Thanks, altrock1234
  17. jayswhy

    Help with On and Over Ear Headphone Selection

    I just started a new work commute and am on the train for about an hour each way. I want to get new headphones and I'm very tempted to get the beats solo or studio, but am having a hard time justifying the price since I often hear they're not worth it. They sound good to me when I tried them but...
  18. Trojacked

    Need advise about on ear headphones

    I am looking into buying a pair of on ear headphones. I listen to all kinds of music, I want them to be very comfortable but very stylish looking aswell.   What would you reccommend??   IMMORTALMUSO
  19. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Monster DNA headphones

    This is going to be announced today. I will try to get a review unit so stay tuned for my unboxing and impressions.
  20. phillyd

    Spent the day listening to various headphones around town. 10 cans tested

    So today I had the opportunity to take my iBasso D-Zero and test out a bunch of headphones. I went to the Apple store, Guitar Center and a Best Buy mobile. I'll probably go by best buy and try as many as possible there tomorrow. I tried out: Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro 250 Ohm Monster DNA on-ear...
  21. Monster DNA On-Ear Headphone

    Monster DNA On-Ear Headphone

    With DNA you don't have to choose between deep bass or crystal details. Sounds are distinct and separate, making your music rich, fresh, and clear. The comfortable, Advanced Noise Isolating cushions are designed to lock in sound so that you can listen for hours and hours without distraction...